Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas...I love you.

Oh...Christmas. How much do I love thee?

Even though I work in retail my spirit can not be squashed.

Bring on the commercialism, and the overly priced toys and games. I want to hear bad versions of holiday songs played repeatedly in every store.

What's that? They will be scheduling "Holiday Movie Choices" (Not Christmas. What the?) on all my cable channels.

I embrace it.

Hello...My Christmas tree was up before Halloween. Yes, you read that correctly. I said...BEFORE Halloween. Should I have waited? No. It's up to the individual to decide when they want to start their "Holiday", and I said "Whatever", and then did my own thing.

I love this time of year. Everyone get's a bit frazzled and grumpy. There's traffic all the time on the streets, highways, and in the stores. Shopping becomes an extreme sport, and people are willing to compete to the point of humility just for the chance at obtaining that one item that is on the "Hot" list.

We put out our Nativity Scenes, Menorahs, Kinaras, Santa's, and hide ridiculously-silly-felt- things-that-hardly-resemble-a-Santa-worker in stupid places just to placate our children.

Not everyone has a belief, or tradition that they hold true. Some may not want to participate in our joyous festivities. This is also OK.

I, however, am a Christmas-light-loving-geek! Just add the merry songs and I am happier than an Elf... making toys. (And you thought I was going to say the rhyming word huh?) It will never happen people!

To kick start my homage to the colorful season, I give you one of my favorite songs. I have a several, but this was the one stuck in my pretty, somewhat sporadic mind.

Peace and sweet dreams always,

Lyn Hernandez

P.S. You can not spell Christmas without Christ.  :0)