Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I woke up this morning at exactly 5:46 am. Not by choice either. Someone was petting my head. Well I don't have a significant other so that was out of the question. Could it be my son who sometimes climbs into bed with mommy? No...I could hear him snoring in the other room. So who dared disturb my slumber? My cat Zona. Whoa! That was wierd. Don't get me wrong she sleeps with me, but prefers to be left alone. It's too bad I wasn't used to it, because it would have been soothing. Instead I jerked upright and scared her right out of the room. Poor thing. I guess I'll be sleeping alone tonight.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Play it again Sam

My whole concept was about starting over, and here I find that I am starting over again. I love that I created my blog, but I am not caring for the way it looks. A comment was made to me the other day, and it got under my skin. "Stop being childish." I guess it hit too close to home. I am going to redo my blog. I will never stop being childlike, but I have to work on the childish aspect.

Life is just a bowl of cherries - Lisa Loeb

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pages of Snothing.

Photo by Lyn Hernandez

Ramblings of a woman who's dream was so insane she wrote it down. This dream happened about a month ago. Someone told me I should write it down. This wasn't the first time I was told to do so. I have lost so many great ideas because of fear. I kept telling myself that if you say/write that, people will think you are nuts. I am done. I will not let insecurity squash what I believe in. A baby step into recovering "me".


Scrambled mumble jumbled words,
from worlds inside my head I heard.
I can't undo, rewind, erase.
I fear the thing which I must face.

By Lyn Hernandez

Friday, March 27, 2009


Photo by Tucumcary

Arthurs Theme (Best That You Can Do) - Christopher Cross
I was listening to music from my playlist and Arthur's Theme came on. Flashback to Mom, the station wagon, and us kids (me & my two brothers). Sometimes we had others with us. My Aunt C (She was so cool), friends, and tag alongs. That was when they actually had a play area with a swing set. I remember because I had to wait my turn. Mmmm...I can smell the air. A mixture of french fries and summer. The air is chilly, I am so glad I have on my PJ's. Skip to my best ever Drive-in experience. ET...ET...ET..My God the whole drive-in was crying. That was the only time I remember that no one moved. All of us just were so caught up in the moment. I'm not sure but I bet there wasn't a line at the restrooms.


Bring your family.
Have a ball.
Double feature.
Oh, I must call
my friends
so we can each recall...
every single moment.

Lyn Hernandez

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Photo by screamwithme

The word sledgehammer for some reason brought Shel Silverstein to mind. That and a Hagar the Horrible comic strip that I will hunt down if I can. Sounds like a strange combination , but if you know me its not that far left of center.

MIRROR,MIRROR ~Shel Silverstein

QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?
MIRROR: Snow White, Snow White, Snow White-
I've told you a million times tonight.
QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall,
What will happen if I let you fall?
You'd shatter to bits with a clang and a crash,
Your glass would be splintered-swept out with the trash,
Your frame would be bent, lying here on the floor-
MIRROR: Hey ... go ahead, ask me just once more.
QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?
MIRROR: You-you-It's true,
The fairest of all is you-you-you.

Wicked witch block

Once upon a dreary day a pretty princess went out to play. She walked and hopped and skipped along singing a merry fairy song... Stop..Cue screaching brakes. Wicked witch block. Sigh. See what happens when you stop letting the inner you be free. A Quote from another poem of mine..."Four walls..No door...No way out." Hmmm. Let's see if I can fix this. I believe I have a sledgehammer somewhere.


Photo by Stuartpilbrow

I love the sound of bubble wrap. Pop. Pop. Its a form of therapy. It's an instrument in my orchestra. Pop. Pop. You control how many, or few you pop at a time. You had a bad day you say? Here. Have some bubble wrap. Go ahead and squeeze. See... That's better isn't it?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Photo by sm4rtus

Once upon a dreary day,

A pretty princess went out to play.

She walked, and hopped, and skipped along...

I remember most of the poem now and I am tempted to just write it all out right here right now, but I think I should take it slow. How embarassing it would be if afterward someone came forward with my original and it was all wrong. I should tell you that I am not a literary genius. Most of my writings are simple, but fun. Ok, so some are a bit on the dark side. I write what my mind tells me to, and I have an overactive imagination at times. I love all things silly and strange. Remember when we were little kids and could entertain ourselves for hours without the use of technology. A piece of string, an army of ants (hmmm... where are they going?), a bunch of rocks, some mud, and a mind thats full of ideas and Presto...you have have the kingdome of Lyn. I wasn't the Queen or the princess. I was the Wizard, or the magical fairy. It was more fun that way. If things weren't going my way, poof...Ha... your a frog now and you can only go back the way you were if I don't have to eat my spinach tonight! Sadly these spells only worked in my imagaworld. But I love spinach now.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I had so many cute titles for this one but I didn't want anyone thinking I just had a baby. I just figured somethings out for this blog. Simple little things make me smile. The cogs are slowly turning. I just have to do some maintenance here and there. Sorry if the Princess goes on hold for a bit, but I promise to revive her once I have conquered the dragon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A pretty princess went out to play

Ok. Went to work and back. Still sick but mostly a nagging cough. FYI, there is this cough mixture that tastes horrible but works soooo good I torture myself. It's this stuff called Buckley's..yuck and thank you to them. "A pretty princess went out to play" is the next line in that poem. I would love to have some fantastic story about today to match it. Or atleast give you some fantasy world to escape to. Unfortunately It didn't happen, unless you count the wink I got from a guy standing in line or it may have been a nervous twitch. The Pretty Princess is of course someone with undoubted beauty. And if you think I am the princess you are so wrong. I will explain this later.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I have a cold...My head hurts...my body aches...I just lost my last post because my brain is fried from fever. I am going to go to bed and maybe just maybe magical fairies will visit me in the night and show me how to do this blog the right way.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Once upon a dreay day

That was the name of a poem I wrote in High school.

 It's been bothering me because I lost it somewhere. It seems to be shadowing me in life, and I think that's why I want it back so bad.

 If I could see it, hold it, crush, o.k. maybe not crush it.

 Once upon a dreary day...la la la...

Every generation has its beatniks, punks, goths.  People who do something drastic...make a difference.  Well, I wore black and shaved one side of my head.  Yes I did that.  I looked silly, but I made my point.

The point was that I made my own choices, I may have looked like an ass, but it was on my terms.

Fast forward to now...Ugh what was I thinking.  I just want my hair to behave.  No silver/grey/white strands unless I put them there on purpose. Black clothes are now for hiding the extra curves my two beautiful sons gave me.

Have I done anything with my writing...No..Why?....No clue...I just started this blog to get off my ass.

I needed to jump start my brain.

I hope with the prayers of my family & friends that I may find that voice that actually made me passionate when I was a teen.

With hope & courage,

Lyn Hernandez

**Re-edited 2012