Sunday, January 24, 2010

He's still got it.

My Duckie still does it for me. Enjoy the video, and the smile inducing flashbacks.

Take care for now.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bob pulls a Houdini.

Bob the "Evil" hamster was at it again last night.  I am not exactly sure how it went down, but Bob pulled an incredible escape act while I was asleep.

Bob is the cutest hamster ever.  Well of course he is. Duh.  I picked him out.  That's where the problem lies.  I should not be allowed to pick out animals period.  Most people would go in and say "Yeah.  Just gimme that one over there." Done deal.

Me? Nope. "Aw. How cute is he?  Look mom he is walking on his hind legs waving a baton." This is followed by silence. "What? Didn't you see him do the back flip? Whatever.  I'll take that one!"

So.  Mr. Bob got a little tubby and I had to expand his cage with all the cool attachments I could find.  Only the best for my buddy Bob.  His new pad had lots of tubes and hiding holes.  The best feature, however, was the silent hamster wheel. Well, I found out that the only way the wheel can be silent is if your "evil" hamster didn't ram 8oz of wood shavings and hammy treats into the wheel, and then proceed to run a marathon.

OK. Not a problem.  I worked around it. I removed the wheel at night before bed and replaced it in the morning. It was working I swear, but remember Bob is not normal. That is the last time I watch G-force with him in the room.  The cage sits almost 3 feet off the floor, and the wheel gets set on the floor so I can just pop it back on in the morning. All exits in this cage are blocked by cute little bubble tube things with the exception of the ceiling.  Two holes on one side provide for necessities one for water, and the other food.  I have his water tube set in one, but I chose to bowl feed him so he can hoard.  The second hole is blocked by plug (hamster proof HA!) that obviously can be dislodged by el supremo hamstero.

2:55 am and I hear: squeak...squeak...squeak.  What is that?  I thought I took the wheel off.  Does anyone want to figure this one out?  Yes.  Bob had Mission Impossibled himself out of the cage, and then instead of running for the hills, or chewing his way into another room he chose to climb into the wheel that was on the floor.  It wasn't even upright.  It was lying on its side so the dummy had to climb in and run in circles for real. My hamster escaped and he chose to stay close to home and trap himself. Why was this funny two hours ago and not so much now?  Never mind. Bob just started running in his wheel of terror after spitting a mouth full of treats to torture me. Evil hamster!

I love Bob. Sniff.

Take care.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Raise your glasses.

By raise of hands how many of you remember when I lost my glasses last year?  I think I saw two, but then again I am looking at a monitor asking to see hands raised.  If  you noticed the change of profile picture that would be me last year after I received new specs.

It appears that I was destined to repeat my loss again.  I have not said a word for a month now, but I am ticked off.  I loved my glasses.

I have the privilege of visiting the mighty Dr. Fei so he can blast my eyes once again, and tell me my vision sucks.  I jest folks.  Dr Fei rules!  My vision does not.  So, I plan on torturing the LensWear  girl if I get her again. I will ask to try on each and every non-adult frame.  Maybe this time she will realize that I am an adult. If you are scratching your head  wondering what the heck I am talking about stay tuned I will give a full story after I get the new frames. 

Well, I am off for now, but I have to say that I really am honored that the SITS ladies have stopped by to welcome me.  I also find it kind of disturbing that those that normally pop in to say "Hey" have been MIA.

I am the Queen of www-wild weird & wacky,  and I still find it disturbing.

Here is to new specs AGAIN!

Yay me.

Sweet dreams all.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Answer this.

Hey there everyone.  What a wonderful day it's been.  I am pumped full of SB Triple shot Venti Mocha Latte, and it's almost midnight.  I think I may be up for a while.  Thankfully I have tomorrow off.

Question: Would you give up half of what you now own for a pill that would permanently change you so that one hour of sleep each day would fully refresh you?

Um.  Yes please.  The way I see it is I hardly own anything to begin with so I wouldn't be that upset giving up half of nothing.  And with the new found strength that I would gain in being refreshed after minimal sleep I could optimize my ability to actually obtain "things" to own. 

What I mean is,  I would be able to use the extra time to study and advance myself in the field of my choice without the constraint of time and energy. 
Yeah.  If only it were possible. 

Sweet dreams to all.


 Don't you hate it when the waiter/waitress asks "Is everything OK here?" right after you've taken a big  bite of food? 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

200 and still going.

Well it's now 2010, and I have managed to do absolutely nothing.  Actually that's not true.  I have done 3 globe puzzles, and have watched all 10 seasons of Friends. Exciting huh?

Anyway, I have reached my 200th post. I thought for sure I'd have something thrilling cooked up for a post, but nope it's just another day here at Once upon a....

Space Cadets

What's taking so long?" thought one of the two robbers of a local grocery store in Larch Barrens, Maryland.  The dimwitted duo thought the laser they had stolen earlier would cut through the store's safe like it was butter.  Maybe they had the setting wrong.  Maybe the safe was stronger than they thought.  Or maybe they were just stupid.  When the police arrived, the two were still hunched over the safe, trying to cut through to the money hidden inside.  The police confiscated the laser, and the two admitted they had stolen it from a local amusement center earlier in the day.  It was a Lazer Tag gun, a battery-operated toy, and the two had been shining its harmless light on the safe for nearly an hour before the police arrived.  Beam me up Scotty.  There's no sign of intelligent life on this planet.

Take care for now.