Friday, July 31, 2009



If I could make the world go 'round
by harnessing all the daily sounds
I'd fuel by laughter and by cries,
and screams, and moans, and simple sighs.

A Yell or Scream. A moan or groan.
Is worth a barrel or two and so
if I could voice the simple things
like smiles and giggles and silly string.
A messy face from Cake and cream
I wouldn't have to think of things
like being an adult.

Lyn Hernandez

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Plan C.

Plan A and B both flew right out the window. So I went with C.

38 years old and now going for it again!

You are never too old to learn something new. Let's see, shall I walk on the moon, discover a cure for a rare disease, go shark diving. Yeah I know. Moon has been done, shark diving is dangerous, but I could still go back to school and possibly be the one to come up with a cure to a disease or virus.

What kills the potential student is the pessimist who either says they should not do it because they lack the skill or knowledge, or that you ,as a student, are way older than 50% of the students enrolled. I am being generous here. I really think it's more like 70%.

This is totally open for debate. My eyes are closing for the night.

Sweet dreams all.

Dont You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Relief

The night air is thick with humidity. Crickets and katydids orchestrate a summer ballad for my listening pleasure. The rumble of thunder off in a distance threatens my evening of peace and serenity. Water in the pool ripples as an invisible invader disturbs the tranquility of the glass like surface. Water as dark as the night sky under which it sits taunts me to the edge. Curious. Black ink beckons me to come and be enveloped in its warmth and security. I plunge into the abyss. Oh sweet Jesus. It is water. Refreshing to my parched skin. My relief.

Lyn Hernandez

Monday, July 27, 2009


Perfection in my world:

My view on a perfect night.

My feet loving me.

My beer and my book.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Ladies Room.

I just recently started following the blog The Ladies Room. The Peach Tart is a contributor there so I went to see what the blog would contain. I mean, come on, with a blog name like The Ladies Room I figured maybe some nitty gritty dirt that we normally would not discuss would be thrown around. Boy was I wrong.

Tonight, my friends, I was wowed by a man I don't know, but am definitely paying attention to. His words were like a gentle caress, oh so soft and caring. Take a moment and see for yourself Women, posted by Mike Firesmith.

Warning: Once you've read it your ego might self-inflate. So if you are a closet reader, open the door or you may get lodged in there for good.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


My Johnny boy is coming soon in "Alice in Wonderland". I know I have to wait, but its all good. And it's directed by Tim Burton. I love his work.

Love thing

Before you read this please note that I am not jealous, or trying to be hurtful to anyone. I am in love with Love. It's just not happening for me. Yet!

What is up with the whole Love thing? I am reading bloggers that are either happily married and/or heading down the aisle to say the famous words "I do". I know that I have some of you that are in the water finding your fish, but what the Hell happened to ME.

I scrolled through my archive, and you know what? Nothing about any dates, or potentials. Do not bring up the whole walking out date....It doesn't count. Still a bit bitter there.

Did you know that in my twenties I had dry spells that would go on for months? Why? I was told by one brave "Ex" that he just thought I was unavailable. Huh? Yes, that is what he said. He thought I was taken because of the way I acted. OK. So being independent, confident, and stubborn was the formula for dating doom in the 90's.

Now what? I am heading into 2010, no man in my future, and I think I may be eligible to become a nun soon. Not that they'd let me. I believe my mouth would be a problem, among other things. I've had a couple of nibbles on the hook, but they failed to attention.

What I want is probably out there, but not around here. First and foremost he must love children...I sometimes poke fun at its difficulty, but I love kids. I want a man with a sense of humor. He must be kind to all walks of life. No haters. He must understand that I love the creative arts, and be willing to listen to me talk about the arts now and then. Listening...not just bobbing your head like the dashboard trinkets, but actually listening. When I am sad...hug me. When I am excited about something you could care less about...high five me and say great job.

And my #1 requirement for my dream man: You have got to be able to kiss. Not just a peck. None of that slither the tongue in the mouth and whack it back and forth. What is up with that anyway? It also does not count if you ram your tongue so far down your partners throat that they cannot breath.

My perfect kiss was the best ever. Soft and not rushing. I could actually feel electricity/energy between our lips because of how slow he went. This one knew how to make a girl crumble.

And then I married and divorced him. His fault not mine. That kiss was enticing to not just me.

So. Pretty much I am doomed. It's OK though. I hear the elderly homes have a high rate of boom boom activity. I'll just have to make sure I have good insurance, and a very discrete Estate handler.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A day late...

See what I mean. I am horrible. This post was supposed to be up yesterday. I thought I published it. Man I am losing my mind! Ah well. Better late than never. Congratulations to everyone.

Two more awards and Ms. Lyn is a very happy blogger.

Thank you Mrs.C at Next to Heaven

The Humane Award is to honor certain bloggers that are kindhearted individuals who regularly take part in my blog and always leave comments :) This lovely award is to thank those individuals for their growing friendships through the blog world.

My picks are:

A Peek at Karen's World
Magic City College Girl
Red Curl Girl
The Peach Tart
These are the days of one Gemini

These bloggers never fail to stop by even when I disappear for days on end.

Thank you LivingDeadNursePsychoWard

The good thing about this award is all I have to do is pass it onto other favorite bloggers.
Here are the rules:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award to 10 (changed it 15 is too many) other blogs that you’ve discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

A day in the life
A Peek at Karen's World
Akilah Sakia Outloud
Next to Heaven
Red Curl Girl
Shawnas Study Abroad
The Peach Tart
These are the days of one Gemini
Tudor City Girl

OK. So some of you received multiple. It's been a good day. I know that I gave LivingDeadNurse the same award back, but it's all good. She has already done all the work, and can just get the recognition. :)
Yay. I got an award.Thank you Magic City College Girl.

So I have been tagged with "The Honest Scrap" award and I now must do the following:

1. “The Honest Scrap” award is not one to hold all to your self but it must be shared!

2. First, the recipient has to tell 10 true things about themselves in their blog that no one else knows.

3. Second, the recipient has to pass along this prestigious award to 10 more bloggers.

4. Third, those 10 bloggers all have to be notified they have been given this award.

5. Those 10 bloggers that receive this award should link back to the blog that awarded them “The Honest Scrap’ award.

So, 10 things about myself, OK here we go:

1) I like to watch cartoons. Even when Zachary is not around.

2) If we are having something for dinner that I can't stand I will dish it up but not eat it. Then sneak it into the garbage.

3) If provoked I get Truckers mouth.

4) I get tongue tied if put on the spot, and end up stuttering like a fool.

5) I drool when I sleep.

6) I snore so loud I wake up my father who sleeps on the other side of the house and also snores:)

7) I sneak vegetables into my food and tell the kids there aren't any in it.

8) I don't fold socks. Ever.

9) I embarrass very easily.

10) When Zach is sleeping I like to stare at him. He is so beautiful.

The 10 bloggers that I have chosen are:

A day in the life
A Peek at Karen's World
Akilah Sakia Outloud
Next to Heaven
Red Curl Girl
Shawnas Study Abroad
The Peach Tart
These are the days of one Gemini
Tudor City Girl

Some of these blogs may have already been awarded this, but I think another one won't hurt much. Sorry its taken so long to post, but I smashed my finger yesterday. As I am typing all I feel is throb throb throb. And hell if I accidentally touch anything with it. YIKES!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


What is a little pebble? I stared at it for a bit and it did nothing. I wanted it to change but it just sat there. Pebbles are stubborn. As are their elders, the rocks and boulders.

If I could wash away the time
of crap that infests my mind
silly tads that now reside
inside my head I won't subside
You think I may succumb
you silly fools I am not that dumb

Lyn Hernandez aka Ducky

Friday, July 17, 2009

Camp thong down.

I had this whole wonderful story that I was about to send to The Peach Tart regarding nudest camp and I lost it. Not my mind, the whole e-mail. My dumb ass didn't save it.

Peach Tart. This ones for you!

Because it was a long story and I don't want to write it ALL again I am going to highlight some of my finer moments. FYI..I had never been to a nude camp. Me and 9 other friends went to one about 14 years ago for a weekend.

Upon arrival I got rejected because my friend John & I were past the curfew. I pitched a fit. We got really lost and it was storming out. We got in after wombat(evil woman) was told to let us in by higher powers.

The next day we headed out for breakfast. Which by the way was amusing. Have you ever gone to a clothing optional breakfast? It may have been uncomfortable, but the food was great. I still have a hard time forgetting the guy itching his ass not far from our table.

My high point and almost the end of our trip came when I failed to adhere to their rules. They had different rules for different areas. Clothing optional in some. I was a newbie. I had the cutest new almost nothing swimsuits and I figured this was the place to show them off. WRONG!

I entered the gift/one stop shop for whatever it was I was looking for and I got the lecture(evil woman again). I was shot down for wearing my cute little thong. OK. Boobies are out...They wanted hoo hoo too. You got it. I got very red in the face. She was not going to make me a joke. I pulled off my thong and in sling shot style slung it at the floor.

I asked with a bit of an attitude "Better?" But I didn't stay for the response because I was so pissed off, and embarrassed. I headed to the pool where my fellow naked people wouldn't notice me.

It's very easy to blend in when you have people male/female around you that are just as normal and vulnerable. I feel for the man who was walking around with his penis tied in a knot. Ouch!

Harry Potter

I know it just came out, but if you haven't seen "Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince" you must go.

OK. I know some of you probably gagged, but I LOVE the Harry Potter series. I have read the books multiple times, and I listened to them on audio as well. Why both? Because I truly enjoy being read to. It's my escape. I can clean, do laundry, play on the computer, read blogs, or just sit back and relax.

I have waited patiently for this latest movie to come out. I crossed my fingers and prayed that that it would not only be good, but great. I was not disappointed.

I am not going to spoil it for those that have not yet seen it, but I am going to warn my fellow HP lovers to keep an open mind.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thank you.

I've been meaning to say this, and now seems like a good time...Thank you. I appreciate everyone who comes over to my never ending Fairy Tale of sorts.

I know that I have not been on top of things lately, but it's summer and I cherish the Vitamin D sunshine as much as my schedule allows me to. You can tell the rain has finally allowed Summer time fun to come this way, because most of my posts are all about hanging out by the pool and BBQ'ing.

I have some posts that I have not done that are waiting patiently. I can hear them squirming "post me!" Sorry. I will get to you soon.

I have some catching up to do.

Sweet dreams all.

Summer Time - Will Smith

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer time

Do you know what I did today? Nothing. Who did I share it with? My family. OK so I am selfish. I LOVE MY FAMILY! I look forward to summer time because I know we can gather so much easier at Mom & Dad's.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as well. Eat lots of watermelon, or maybe start up a seed spitting contest. Bubbles...more bubbles. BBQ sauce and sticky yelling at the kids for being dirty...They are having fun. Let it go.

Let your hair down. Relax. No calorie counting, SPF, Trans fat, alcohol proof checking at all. Tell everyone to take a number and stand in the complaint line.

Suggestion: If you have over 10, 15, 20+ family/friends over and someone is on your last nerve tell them that so & so is looking for them and point them in a random direction. And do not use children as messenger services. They will never get the message right. We have cell phones and we can text if we have to.

We were pool side and decided to eat AL Fresco. When we do food(No hot dogs & Burgs) we kick ass. Sniff...sniff whats that? Oh my Lyneee's in charge of that grill! Aw~! T-Bone you rock too...just not tonight Bro! Kisses!

Mom has been experimenting with recipes and she has got this watermelon, roasted pine nut, feta cheese thing that I become evil with. MINE...It's MINE! Go away... See
what I mean.

Sweet dreams all.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Date Gone.

OK. So RCG over at Red Curl Girl went on a not so successful date. I thought I'd cheer her up by sharing a not so pleasant dating experience I had.

The timeline for this one is fuzzy due to me trying to not remember and the amount of alcohol I drank after it happened.

My "friend" and I decided to seek other means to the dating world because the fish in our town were polluted and/or taken. So the two of us put ads in the paper where you meet other people/dates.

We had both been drinking when we devised our plan so the Ads were interesting. Who am I kidding hers was hysterical, and mine was B O R I N G (yawn).

She decided to directly quote from a song, and just tack on some personal crap at the end. Some of you may remember "Do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?" OK. So you know what I mean?

I went with the I-will-be-honest-and-see-what-happens crap. Honesty brought a bounty of wtf's. I listened to the messages and found some that didn't sound like they would rip my clothes off on sight. After that, I actually spoke to my potentials and set up a couple of dates.

The one I am writing about(The A-hole)is the one that got away.

We were set to meet at a bar(public places are best). I call my crew for back up. They are to sit at the bar but not acknowledge me unless needed.

Doofus arrives that night and we head for a corner table. He is sweet and funny and cute. We talk about everything and I think it's going well. WRONG!

He tells me he has to use the bathroom and I believe him. I use this time to stretch my legs and go see the crew. I get thumbs up and order two more drinks for our table. I sit back down and wait for Mr.Thumbs Up to come out.

Wow. He really had to pee, or he ate something very bad because it's been a long time and he has not come out. Hmmm. His jacket is still here. What is up?

I go to the bar and ask the bartender to send someone in to check on him. ( I was going to bust down the Men's room door to check on my not yet boyfriend). And because the bartender thought that this whole "Me" actually dating again thing was funny, he went to check himself.

Poof! He was gone. Yep. I freaked the man out I guess. He left his jacket!!!

I want to think that he crapped his pants and was so embarrassed that he snuck out to avoid humiliation.

At that point it didn't matter. My friends were shits and giggles over the event. Their Lyneeee managed to scare the man right out of the building.

He never came back for his jacket/coat. I still think he is a Jackass for doing that.

Thank you for making me the joke without a punchline.

I am sure you have had your comeuppance.

Oh...Next time...Leave cash to pay the bill.

Playing hookie.

Skipping school to hang with the friends at the local arcade, cruising in your car at the hot spots looking for others at McD's, or the King, or realizing you were going to miss the perfect suntanning day ever...This was part of the Summer just got to get out and do things. This was part of being Generation X.

Why is it that my generation gets a letter but the rest have very snazzy ones? Twits!

I was a good kid, but like all teens you dabble in the unfamiliar. I wanted to be cool. I was a geek. I wanted to lead, and yet I followed. Where am I going with this? Ugh. I was sitting pool side with Molls and kids. The subject came up. The 1st thing to pop into my head was my bro (the older one).

There are rules to playing hookie. The 1st rule is: Don't get caught! Second is: See 1st.

Here is the story of my dumb ass bro trying to play hookie on an excellent day.

P doesn't think that today is a good day to sit in class. Why would someone so young and full of energy do so? He is going fishing.

Now I don't know how he managed to sneak out all of his fishing gear without mom or dad catching him....the boy was smooth.

No one knew that P had actually skipped out.


Front and center on the Local page of our newspaper my bro is smiling and showing off his latest catch(It was newsworthy).


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zman shares A-Z

I am loving Stephanie Plum. A woman with nothing to lose going to a cousin for a job and ends up becoming a bounty hunter. I am on board.

Zachary wants to share his knowledge of the alphabet with everyone and anyone who will listen. He recites it in the car, in the stores, in his room to his own reflection, in the bathroom... Are you getting the jist here?

Zach: A B C D ...

I am hearing this over and over...

Zach: E F G...mommy I know them all.

Zach: H I J K...see?

Zach: L M N O P...

Sounds like lemonopee...

Zach: Q R S...I know this.

Zach: T U V...

Zach: Wabba-uu

Thats "W" in Z's language.

Zach: X Y Z...Now I know. Now sing.

Aw! He makes me mushy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I love our family BBQ's. It's all about the catching up on our lives and food and fun and more food. If you are in the VIP/VIF you get to go to the gaming tent. This is my Fathers game room. Beware all who enter. You will be taken down by the Master of Dominoes. You want to play cards...OK...Tony will step in and wipe you out. Oh haven't had enough...enter the nephews.

My Cake


We rock!

Hugs & Kisses from me!!

I am going to watch Heroes from the beginning so when I am asked a question again I won't feel like an arse.

100th post!

I have reached my triple digits. Wow that went fast. I am proud of myself. If you are wondering why, it's because I followed through with something I wasn't sure of. If I had kept going with some of my interests over the years I would now:

~~know how to play the fife, xylophone, drums, piano, and guitar. (I learned how to play the fife in PAL, and the Xylophone in high school. Drums, piano, and guitar were all teenage I-want-to-be-in-a-band things.

~~would still be acting, or running the lights and sound

~~would be a millionaire (kidding...hey I can wish!)

I'm not going to go on with that list it's long. I can, however, make myself a list of to-do's and see if I can accomplish them before I reach 50. I'd say 40, but 2 years is too short a time for some of my goals.

I still have to post about my wonderful 4th of July/B-day party. I hope everyone had a safe and fun filled holiday.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to me.

Oh what a night. We had a blast yesterday. I don't have time to run down the festivities in detail. I have to go to work. And I have to try and make it home for Next Food Network Star at 10:00. Yeah, like thats gonna happen. Anyhow, I had to add a fiend clip. Charlotte wants to share her birthday too. :)

I do not own Making Fiends Amy Winfry and Nickelodian do.

Friday, July 3, 2009

TCM update

The Chef's were too whiny last week. The choice of protein for the elimination challenge was freagin hysterical though, and really gross in my opinion. Lets see there was beef tongue, Pig Ears, Stomach/tripe,and beef heart.

The Chef's Cindy Pawlcyn, Ludo Lefebvre, Rick Bayless, and Wilo Benet were asked to make street food out of the above mentioned "parts".

The results were as follows:

Cindy Pawlcyn (Hot & Spicy Menudo) - 12½ stars This was the stomach dish.

Ludo Lefebvre (Pig's Ear Quesadilla with Chorizo, Pinto Bean PureĆ© and Lime-Mint Aioli) - 13½ stars

Rick Bayless (Chorizo, Bacon and Tongue Tacos with Tomatillo Guacamole and Pickled Onions) - 18½ stars

Wilo Benet (Beef Heart, Ham and Chicken "Tripleta" on Pita Bread with Spicy Mayonnaise) - 15 stars

They combine these scores with the Quickfire scores to determine the winner.

Last weeks winning Chef was Rick Bayless with his oh so yummy Tongue Taco's. Did I just say yummy?

So Chef Bayless will fill slot number three of the six coveted slots to move onto the Top Chef Masters Championship. Slot number one went to Chef Hubert Keller. I picked him to win. He is an awesome Chef. Slot number two went to Chef Suzanne Tracht.

I missed this episode, but saw it twice since then. I was rooting for Chef Graham Elliot Bowles, because I just don't care for Chef Elizabeth Falkner(she annoys me)and Chef Wylie Dufresne is just as bad(weener...I mean whiner).

If you are a fan of "Lost" you would of appreciated the Elimination Challenge on episode 2. The writers of "Lost" are big fans of Top Chef so they got to participate. The Chefs had to make them dinner out of things that they would have access to on the island. They were not allowed to use the Top Chef Pantry. I was impressed. You be the judge go catch the back episodes on Episode 2 is called the Lost Supper. Bon appetit!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Almost there.

Almost there. Dad 1st he was born on the 3rd of July. Happy birthday Dad! I love you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Working Woman's Meme.

Mrs.C over at Next to Heaven posted this fun meme. I thought it would be interesting to see my own answers because I don't work at an office for either job. I do, however, have to work from home for one of them for a few hours each week. The rest of the time I am out on the job.

1. How many post it notes are stuck to your computer screen?
If I had any post-it notes I wouldn't be able to find them. My desk is a mess!

2. Do you have one of those plastic floor covers for your desk chair to roll on?
No. I should invest in one though. The area rug has that worn out spot where I roll around all the time.

3. How many (work-related) emails to you receive & send per day?
It depends on what is going on. Today I received 2, and sent 1.

4. At what part of the day are you the most productive?
I'm always productive, but more so in the morning. If I work both jobs in a day I find myself fizzling out when the sun goes down. If that happens I add caffeine.

5. How often do you go out to lunch?
Ugh. No fair. I am always on the go. One job has me in the field. There is no main office to go back to and have lunch. If I am working that job then I eat out. The other I pack lunch. And I wonder why my jeans are tight. Hmpf.

6. Does your boss pop the collar on his trench coat?
I had a hard time getting control of myself I was laughing so hard at this one. I am trying to picture my boss flipping his collar. Even if he did wear a trench coat I can't see him doing this. The other boss. No way! Not unless we were joking around, but we must remain professional.

7. Is there someone in your office that you just can't stand?
Well. I have someone that I can't figure out what it is that I did to make this person not like me. I get along with everyone otherwise. I am a people person. :)

8. What percent of time each day would you say on non-work related tasks? i.e. blogging!
When I work from home I have that liberty to blog and work, but I don't because its a pain toggling between projects. That and I lose my train of thought easy if I get distracted.

9. Do you have a favorite pen that you use everyday?
If it writes I'll use it, but I prefer blue ink to black, and can't stand fine point pens. They are too scratchy. Yick.

10. Do you listen to music while @ work? If so, what kind?
Yes I sure do. At one job it's my MP3 player loaded with all sorts of good stuff. Oldies, Top 40, Stand-up comedy. At the other its Oldies usually. And at home while working it's usually the TV in the background. Like right now I have Top Chef Masters on.