Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The "W's"

Once upon a time, I was a tournament director for an on-line gaming site. Part of this program was to create interesting sub-games to keep the players engaged/amused while playing the main game. My creation was "The Wild, Weird, and Wacky." (Later renamed "Wild, Weird, and Quacky" to keep with the theme of my Ducky persona.) It was a trivia game dedicated to useless knowledge, and the players loved it. OK. Maybe not all of them, but it was fun regardless.

Today I was hunting around for interesting sites, reading blogs, and playing games(I'm not telling what I was playing. It's my getaway.) As I was searching meme's via I came upon Wednesday Weirdness">. Something fun for me to do while giving you completely useless knowledge of myself.

1. Is there a particular smell that turns you on? If so what is it? If I were a light switch to be turned on/off then the smell would be Steak on a Grill. Has to be Charcoal though. It's all about the combination.(Sorry to my Vegan/Vegetarian friends.)

2. Have you ever tried or considered trying a Master Cleanse type method to lose weight? No, but my dog once ate a Toilet bowl tablet. The kind that turns the toilet blue. Amount spent to see Vet: $100.00, Hours of lost sleep: 24, Smell of toilet fresh Rat Terrier: Priceless

3. When you browsing a book store for reading material, do you find yourself checking out a book solely based on the cover design? Absolutely. Sadly, the cover design doesn't always match the content of it's book. I made a funny..(silly moment:Don't-judge-a-book-by-it's-cover-cliche)Smack to the head for dumbacracy.

4. Which 80's trend were you least happy to see come back this year; big shoulder pads or neon? Shoulder pads. Bad for all frames. Unless you want to look like you are shrugging at all times. I have nothing more to say.

5. How long do you think could you disappear for until someone would notice your absence and start looking for you? Easy. Before I had children: 2 days. After: 1 hour maybe

6. Have you ever walked out of a movie and asked for your money back? Which movie(s) and why? Oh yes I did! CandyMan. My friend Dave & I went to a late night showing after Lab. We were the only 2 people in there until some punks jumped theater rooms. Briefly: Loud, obnoxious, and rude. Outcome: All were asked to leave. Dave & I? We left as well, but were given tickets to come back to a show of our choice.

7. Have you ever changed your plans because of something you read in your horoscope?
I used to read my horoscope late in the day to see if it matched what it actually was like, but I haven't read it lately at all. Hmmm. I wonder if I'm having a good day?

There you have it folks. My "Spring Roll" of useless info served to you with, or without the "Duck" Sauce.

My perfect Day.

It was so beautiful out today. A bit hot, but that didn't stop our fun. My friend & I took the kids to the park. Our beautiful boys running wild, expending all of their pent up energy.

Some of us, ahem, couldn't resist the pull to be silly. My back side is still aching, but I don't care. I had the perfect day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Useless information very quiet. Lyn is sneaking into her blog to post that she is dealing with scheduling difficulties. She wants to make you laugh, cry, or run away screaming but cannot, due to the restrictions put upon her by her 3 1/2 year old son.

She will return tomorrow. On the agenda: Trip to the park with the boys. Camera ready. Picnic style. Oh & then work.

Tip-toeing back out.

Thank you for joining us on this very brief, and useless bit of information tour.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Happy" Hunting

It is absolutely gorgeous outside today.I had to dig out the shorts for my son. I am feeling so good. Sorry about last nights post, but it did make me feel better to get it off my chest. I am off to work. I have to find some poor souls to make smile.

It's actually quite fun. You go into the stores and you find customers that are frowning or that looked dazed. You walk right up to them and say,"Hi there. Can I help you find something?"(Make sure this is done while smiling otherwise it loses affect.)Then you find something to compliment. "That is an excellent choice for an audio book. We have more choices up front. I love your blouse by the way." Instant happiness. That is unless they are part of the Anti-Happiness Movement. In which case daggers will be throw at you in rapid succession. This forces you to shield yourself with a cheery "Have a nice day!" as you walk away to search for a new target.

Happy Hunting!!!
I had a very long day. I am tired. Drained physically, mentally, and emotionally. Too many things happened over the course of the day. I received news early this morning that a former co-worker of mine had been fatally stabbed the previous night. It was a sad, and senseless act of violence. This scares me. I have lost several friends over the past couple of years. All of them had passed before their time. Most were due to heart attacks. The youngest was 38 years old, and the oldest 51. Each person made their mark in life, and touched my heart.

This recent loss forced the emotions from the past back to the surface. I miss my friends Twisted, Chenzo, and Spud. How many people can actually say that they had a friend named Twisted? He had a real name, but no one used it. He was just "Twisted."

I wrote him a poem the day after his death not knowing that I would lose Chenzo two weeks later. I want to share with you the poem. This is in remembrance of my fallen brothers.

My Friend

I don't want to see you go my friend.
I know you are safe, and well.
Still, I don't want to see you go.

I can hear you laughing,
and poking fun at all.
I can hear you asking,
about the tears that fall.

"They are for you," I tell you,
and see your questioning look.
"You've passed my friend, but its OK.
God has you in his book."

"The Angels came to get you,
and guide you on your way.
They knew that you'd not want to go,
but fight so you could stay."

"Please know that you'll be remembered.
We all hold you in our hearts.
We will jest, poke fun, and laugh for you,
because we know that's what you'd want."

"So go in peace and embrace the Lord,
He is waiting with open arms.
You've now become the guardian
of us friends that may be in harm."

I still don't want to see you go,
but I know I have to release.
My friend you left your mark
upon your friends now go in peace.

Lyn Hernandez 2/16/08

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I have this song stuck in my head. It's really getting to me. Some of you will remember it with smiles of memories from your past,(hopefully not sadness). Others may only recall this from elevators, or from relatives playing this at some point in time. Or maybe you are like me and have a song haunting/taunting you. The song is, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore-Barbara Streisand & Neil Diamond."

I don't know why it keeps playing in my head. Maybe it's because I have not had a significant other in ages. Maybe it's because I miss being The other. I finally broke down, and went to You Tube to see the video.

Here is my problem. I am not menstruating. Not even close for PMS. I may be a bit tired, but not enough to make me so emotional that I get weepy. I adore Barbara Streisand & Neil Diamond. Both have extraordinary voices that will be forever etched into the minds of their fans. What then is it that is making me insane?

I believe that I am missing a connection. I have my family and friends. That's not it. There is a missing link.

SWF: seeks missing piece to puzzle. A pulse is required. Zombies need not apply.

I want flowers. I want notes. I want cards that are so dumb that I laugh out loud. I want without the sadness of the lyrics.

Change the you don't bring to I brought.

I want to rewrite this song.


You Dont Bring Me Flowers (Duet with Barbra Streisand) - Neil Diamond Duet With Barbra Streisand

Friday, April 24, 2009


Another gem from my past. It's not dated, but I believe it's from late 80's. It goes on my list of "What was I thinking?" Note to self : Start a list of afore mentioned. I seriously cannot remember why I wrote this. Probably with good reason.


You look at me, and smile.
You radiate your inner beauty.
I feel the tension in your stare.
You look at him, and smile.
You exude your pain from within.
I feel the torture brought upon you.
We feel the Tug-of-War together.
Our souls play a feisty game of Twister.
He feels like a lost Monopoly piece,
not needed, but yet significant.
You feel like a giant row of Dominoes.
Ready to take the fall,
As long as there is a smile at the end.
I feel like the Pawn in Chess.
Expendable at any given moment.
It doesn't matter what game we play.
Someone is going to lose.
May the winner be there when the loser falls.

Lyn Hernandez

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mi familia loco.

I love my family, and friends. We are a close knit, versatile group of nuts. I'm not saying that we are certifiably insane. We are unique, and special in different ways. Our common thread is humor. Some are "witty", others are "pranksters", and many are just down right "silly" (I fall into this category). Of course my family would not be complete with out the "hams".

The title of "The supreme Hamster" goes to my son Z. With a very close 2nd & 3rd by his cousin's T & S (1st initial only for reasons I know you understand). These children can light up any room at any given time. This makes family gatherings very interesting, and totally worth the hours spent by my Mom, Sister-in-law M, Grandma J, and myself organizing. We love to get together. It's time well spent. Most importantly we love to laugh.

Laughter is key in healthy relationships. Not just with your love or partner, but with those you surround yourself with. Who wants to be around a whoa-is-me type of person? I choose to embrace my silliness, and those that are not afraid to do so themselves.

Question:If you were completely deaf but were somehow able to hear for one hour each month, what would you most often want to hear for that hour?

My Answer: My boys saying Mommy or Mom, my name from the mouths of loved ones, laughter, rain, crickets, thunder, and wind chimes.

Sounds_of_Rain_and_Thunder_on_the_River.mp3 - Rosh

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To thine ownself be true

"This above all:to thine ownself be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day

Thou canst not then be false to any man."

William Shakespeare-Hamlet

When you have an open heart, and mind you meet the greatest people. It helps that we now have the technology to communicate outside of our tiny little bubble worlds. I have been meeting, socializing, and networking with the most fascinating individuals. A stand out is Blaez Google. Strength and endurance through the most trying experiences.

A comment was made to my last post that made me stop and think. Why am I afraid of posting a poem that I wrote? Who cares when I wrote it. It is my work, and I should be proud. And I agree that each poem that you write is a part of yourself. What I need to do is grow some balls.

So. I will inhale deeply (nod to Dr. Phyllis), relax, and let my hair down.


Into the dark abyss...
I plunge...
Black Hole Syndrome.
"I can't feel. It's cold."
Sensories fading.
Someone is pulling me down.
"Am I alive? I can't see my hands!
Stop pulling me!"
Someone please
make it stop.
I want out!
"Where am I? Hello..."
"You'll be OK now.
I will protect you..."
"Who are you?"
"I am you."

Lyn Hernandez

A special Thanks to Blaez for inadvertently inspiring this post.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I was going to post a poem of mine called Schizo but after reading it, and walking away several times I realized that it's not me anymore.

I found the poem while cleaning. Irony. Keep it,or toss it? I am keeping it.

I want to write anything, and everything. I want my words to make a difference in someones, and every ones world. I want my son's to be able to say "That's my Mom!" in excitement, not horror. I wish that someday I'll be heard. Not only by my friends and family, but by listeners, fellow writers, and readers. I wish that I could make people smile, giggle, or laugh for no reason.

I want, and I wish for others to make their difference. Speak up...Help someone speak up...The point is Speak.

I want I wish

I want. I wish
to be a fish.
But not upon
a plate, or dish.
I want. I wish.
To be the fish
that leads a school
of other fish
to think about
thier want, or wish.

Lyn Hernandez

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who need's a Gym when I have him.

I came home tonight after a very long day of work not wanting to do anything at all. My head and feet throbbing, I sat down to relax for a second. Anyone with children knows that this is not possible. Especially when you have the under five years of age child running around. So begins my up/down routine. This has got to be the best leg/thigh/butt excercise ever. Here's how it goes:

Sit in computer chair. Turn on computer.
Get up from chair. See what child wants.
(Nothing just checking to make sure I am here.)
Return to chair, sit, start to check e-mail.
Get up from chair. See what child wants again.
(Playmat, and water colors. Cool. That will keep him busy.)
Return to chair, start to sit.
(More paper already?)
Get paper, give to child, return to chair.
Access e-mail, start reading.
"Yes hun?"
Get up from chair. Go to child.
(No need for paper he painted his face yet again.)
Clean child. Remove watercolors. Give child Aquadoodle.
Return to chair. Hold breath, and wait. Ok. Whew!
Continue e-mail check. Ahh. That's better.
"I want playdough."
Get up again. Go straight to the bottle of Motrin. Take two.
Take a deep breath, and continue.

This lovely excercise can go on until:

a. your aching legs, feet, and head give up.
b. your cat/dog enters the room changing the childs focus of attention.
c. your child falls asleep.
d. your aching everything gives up, as the cat/dog runs away with child chasing after it, and the child passes out from the exhausting chase.

My little angel is sleeping. The cat is hiding. The house is quiet. Boy this chair feels comfy. Ok. Time to go back to my e-mail.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Salute to a Grandfather.

Photo by ridersinblack1970's-Wilkes County NC

Today I was given the gift of remembrance through the eyes of a total stranger. Our conversation was brief, but profound. I was extremely moved by his pride and passion in recalling a single occassion. All this from one very old photograph held within a book. There is more to the story, but I wanted to share this with you. Always take the time to listen to others. Don't fiegn attention. Truly listen. Not only will you have gained knowledge of something you may not have known, but you may also have helped to heal a soul. ~~Lyn Hernandez Thirty-Something Bloggers

I met this gentleman this morning while at work. He was coming to the front with a Coffee Table book. Of course I smiled at him, and commented on the books size. Instead of the usual chuckle, or on rare occasions silence, I was met by the biggest smile imaginable. He at once told me that his Grandfathers photo was in the book. Not once, but twice. So we turned to I think the 3rd page in, and there is this enlarged photo from the Civil War. At once he points to his Grandfather and says "That's him. That's him. Do you see that sword? It's been in my family for ages."

I learned so much in so little time with him, and was deeply touched by our conversation that I couldn't stop thinking about him tonight. His family still has the sword, but they lost the War Flag that was given to the family in honor of his Grandfathers Regiment.(Did I mention he was a Major for the 69th Regiment?) It's not actually lost in the sense that they can't find it, because they know where it is. It is now in a place that they cannot recover it legally. It's sad, but he said he is ok with it now.

I was going to post links for this but there were too many. I suggest Googling Cival War 69th Regiment, and go from there.

You know what's stranger than me learning this much in so little time? I never got his name.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The taste of my size 8 shoes.

Ok. So I wear a size 8 shoe. How does it taste? Horrible! Too leathery. I bet your wondering what brought up that piece of useless information. Well, you see I had an unexpected day off today so I decided to play around in some of the sites I belong to. I had joined Thirty Something Bloggers, and figured I would go add discussions, update my profile, ummm start a blog. I obviously was not paying attention. I went to my page, saw the blog tab and clicked. Thus began my embarassing moment of "Open Mouth Insert Foot."

Before I proceed I do need to let you know that I was clicking on discussions, making comments, and generally looking around. The site appeared to be inactive due to my appearing on the latest updates here and there. And no recent updates or replies on others. Back to the point.

So I say to myself, "Cool. I can blog on my page, and noone will ever read it except perhaps Phyllis."(She is a member too.) Boy was I absolutely 100% wrong. I wrote my little blog. Had a good giggle. Hit publish, and walked away to switch loads of laundry. I come back to the computer. Hit Main page tab. At the very top of the page, front and center, reads "Where is everybody?-posted by Lyn Hernandez" with the date & time! Oh dear Lord find me a rock to hide under.

Ladies and gentleman. Here is the post that cost Lyn her dignity for the day!!!

I find this wonderful site where I can share thoughts, and have discussions and I feel like I stepped into the pages of Desperation- Stephen King. Nobody around, but I feel like I am being watched. Everyone listening, but afraid to sound out for fear, or other reasons unknown. Oh look~~~*~~~*~~~Tumble weed just blew by. Well, if I can't find anyone I'll just write back and forth to myself. Might make for an interesting piece on my other blog. Man I want a cigarette. Too bad I quit. Ah well. I think I'll go find a blog to read. Carpe Diem.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find some ketchup to finish eating my shoes!

Another Creative Outlet.

Visit Thirty-Something Bloggers

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Breathing in Yellow

I remember when I was in 8Th grade, and there was a dance coming up. I wanted to be cool, stylish, you know what I mean. Unfortunately it was the 80's, and I had no sense of style what so ever. I was determined though to make myself stand out. I was not allowed to dress like Madonna, but got an OK for Cindy Lauper. I chose neither.
So Mom takes me shopping to pick out my defining outfit. I choose a very vibrant yellow skirt with a white top. I should probably mention that I had very dark brown hair, almost black. The final result...A Bumblebee!!! Who cares, I had a great time.

Bee on Sunflower-Jupiter Images
Bee on sunflower

I had an idea for something fun to do. This actually is an exercise used in my sons class, but its applicable here if you have an open mind. OK. The idea is to designate a color and write about it in any style you wish. There are no rules except to use your imagination. Just to start things off I will pick the first color, and from there you choose whatever color you want. Hey it might inspire someone else to use the same color. In the Spirit of Easter I pick Yellow.

The sun is casting my shadow onto the Black-eyed Susan's
as I watch the bees and the bugs go to and fro.
Sipping on the best freshly squeezed lemonade,
I smile, and inhale the yellow.

Lyn Hernandez

Monday, April 13, 2009


I have been told by many people that you should always keep a journal, notebook, or diary by your bed so you can log your dreams, thoughts, or in my case poems. I woke up and had to scramble for a pen and some paper. I had a crazy idea and needed to get it down in writing. I managed to salvage the essence of what the dream was, but some of the dream blurred. I had to fill in the blanks. Sort of like Madlibs. Does anyone remember those? Well, I was jotting things down for my to-do list, and fell asleep with the notebook next to me. I woke up agian with another idea, but the damn pen was missing. By the time I got myself together I lost most of the words that I saw in my head. Now I get to fill in the blanks. I'll share the final outcome after I manage my to-do list. In other words, don't hold your breath. I'll get to it eventually. Hmmm. Where did I put the list?


Keep a journal by your bed,
because the thoughts within your head
will burst while you're asleep,and then
you'll pop awake, and find instead
of writing that you seek your pen.

Lyn Hernandez

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Creative..the question

It is cloudy with a misting wetness. Not yet qualified to be drizzle, but annoying enough to carry an umbrella. With a cool 40 degrees and slight breeze, I was comfortable. Why the need for the umbrella? I am trying to take pictures. Of what? Nothing in particular just had an inspiration to click.

Inspiration. I was reading on Thirty-Something Bloggers,,a discussion on creativity and what it means.

I thought that if you do anything at all that requires brain activity you are creative. I am not going to tell my son that because he does not care for Arts in general that he is not creative.

Aren't we supposed to encourage one another? If all Artistic/Creative people stopped supporting the works of their fellow artisans, where would the works of those in the future come from?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Slumdog meditation

What a wierd mixed up day. I find myself not wanting to say much. I will still forgive. Karma will do the rest.

Today I wanted to share Slumdog Millioniare thoughts. Hit play and close your eyes. Take a break from our world. Yes you will probably have your toe tapping. You may have an involuntary smile. The important thing is to breathe. Let your mind enjoy the the music.

Jai Ho - A.R. Rahman

You are what you write

Here is something that I have been having a hard time with. Some people say that you should write what you know leaving less room for error. I, however, disagree. I believe that every writer should expand into unfamiliar territory. I have done this myself, with hilarious results. Of course I showed those who are dearest to me (they laughed too), but it's all about taking the risk. Maybe you have a knack at Non-fiction, but haven't tried because you are so wrapped up in your novel you have been working on for 5 years. I just wanted to hear thoughts from others.

Day Two...

Day Two of quitting smoking. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I am not craving them, which I thought would be the problem. I am crossing my fingers that it will be like this until I just don't notice. I want to share my motivational song from a great man who made mistakes, but persevered. Forgiveness is the first step into recovery. aside...Don't ever put some one down, laugh at thier goals, or in general be negative toward another's aspirations. This is my request. Thank you and enjoy Mr. Johnny Cash.

I Wont Back Down - Johnny Cash

Dr. Phyllis

Quick post to shout out to my fellow blogger We are writing together on separate journeys. Why not combine them? It's been discussed. Hey maybe that can be a post for us to work on? OK. Johnny Cash. I write his name, and get goose pimples. After I Posted "Done", I went to another site where I share my thoughts with friends. Some like this site while others run in horror! OK. Back to the subject Lyn. We both posted songs. My song was to express that I will not take it anymore with this nicotine addiction. I'll get to that next post. She, however, sent me a gem. I love her for this. Take a moment to listen to the words. Genius.

Gods Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am quitting smoking. I am writing this down so everyone can see it. No more. I am done. I want out. Do not tell me it cannot be done. If you are a pessimist please refrain from comment. I want encouragement only. This war is between me and my demon. I shall conquer!

An Intentional Confrontation - Queensryche

Princess update: She sleeps

I have yet to revive the Princess. She still sleeps, awaiting her Knight in shining armour. Maybe there is a reason that I cannot recall the words. It is like other things blocked from memory, by which I mean useless, senseless, or possibly harmful. It's strange how I can remember writing it, and how it came to it's fruition, but I cannot piece it together ver betum. Sleep well my friend. For now.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's raining love...

I love rain. I know that it makes some people tired, sad, or depressed. I, however, love it. The smell, sound, and feel of it makes me think of mud puddles, and worms. It's funny how people associate sunny days as good, yet rainy days are bad. If everyone took a second to stop, and think, I bet there is a memory somewhere of themselves where rain was pleasant, fun, or funny. Did you every get rained on at a picnic, wedding, camping, hiking, church social, scouts, baseball game, football game, birthday party, retirement party...The list goes on. Think about how you felt. Annoyed possibly, maybe mad at the weather forcaster for not being accurate, but that memory is there because of the rain.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Photo by Lyn Hernandez

Mommy said to make a mess.
To have some fun, and do my best.
I listened and I must confess
This is fun...

Lyn Hernandez

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My "Waste of Time"...

Photo by Darren Hester

(n.) Waste of time- the devotion of time to a useless activity.

I love this term. It means everything, and nothing. What is a "waste of time" to one person is another's job, hobby, or creative outlet. It all depends on the person's perspective. So here it is folks. Time well spent.


I hear the tick and tock
inside my head
no other sound.
Except for
clicks and clanks of cogs
as each of them go 'round.
The pendulum
it swings and sways,
but only I can see.
Inner works of one
who's time is kept
and that is me.

Lyn Hernandez

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Photo by qvinx

What is it this time? I was awoken again last night. Not by my son, or Zona the cat. It was my nose. Oh, how I love the changing of seasons. I had a dripping faucet coming out of my head. Isn't that lovely. It probably didn't help that I had the window open, and the fan on. So I got up, stumbled on a few toys left out by Z, and sought out something to stop the leakage. Of course I did this in the dark, because turning on the lights would have been the smart thing to do. I searched for the roll of papertowels, which I knew was not too far from my bed. Groping around I found a bandana. I have a bunch of these in different colors. Now here is my problem...I am tired. My nose won't stop dripping. I have now started sneezing...Yeesh...I hope it wasn't my favorite Pink one. Ah, well. It'll do.