Monday, March 12, 2012


I was a drone, a zombie, a woman that woke each day to complete her tasks just to repeat them uneventfully.  I was placated by the normalcy of my life.  I was comfortably numb. Life was, for me, as simplistic as it could possibly get, and I was fine with that.

My love of fairy tales, folklore, myths, and the unknown is what sparked me to write from the heart.  It's not always easy, but you will never fail with being true to yourself.

I have failed miserably in both the love and writing parts of my life, but when I merge the two I don't care.  I am infallible.

I can rule the world and never care if there were ever a critic to judge me on how well I write.  I could erase the rules and make them mine. I declare there will never be punctuation from hence forth.  I am the queen of my MY world.

He makes me this way, and I love him.

I have my King.  He is rough around the edges, but he is completely gooey on the inside and I adore him.

I have my two Princes.  They are my babies, and my loves. They will forever be the reason that I breathe, and the rocks that ground me.

I don't know if it was that hug, that kiss, or just his smile, but this sleeping beauty is awake.

My King is my "Prince Charming".

I am finally....Unstuck.

Lyn Hernandez


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  2. Not all Fairy tales have happy endings. Oh well. Moving on!