Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It's a Saturday morning and the sun is promising a warm and fun filled afternoon.  You jump out of bed, scramble into some play clothes, and head to the kitchen for breakfast.  Not wanting to waste too much time, you opt for cereal.  Quickly, you rush through brushing your teeth, and pull your hair into a ponytail. Dad is reading the newspaper in the living room and mom is reading her book at the kitchen table, so you say "I'm going to Heather's house." out loud.  No one disagrees and you leave to go see your friend. Once you get to her house you see that she is already waiting and so is her sister Amy.  It's time to play. 

Times were much simpler back then.  We didn't worry when children left the house and ran off to play with others. My brothers and I would go off on adventures in the woods.  We would hike to find blueberries, or to find a fishing spot.  Snake hunting and slug exterminations were the norm.  I loved spending time with my brothers.  It was a much needed change of pace when I had met my friends.

Over the years that have passed, I have realized that the conditions of friendships that remain strong and true are those that are loving and trustworthy.  The bonds that tie you with your friends should run deep.  You may feel like brothers and/or sisters, or maybe cousins if you have parents that are close friends.  

You shouldn't worry if you aren't making friends right away.  It's OK to sit back and wait.  The friends you want will be there forever.  They will go for days on end with not hearing from you and pick up from the last conversation you had.  They don't judge you even if you are wrong.  They listen intently while you pour your heart out.  They hug you.  

You, in return, must do the same.

The best part of friendship that I have learned is that it comes from the least likely of places.  I still have my Heather and Amy, but I have gained some truly amazing people in my life.  Don't be afraid to reach out. 

That one person that you smile at in the check-out line might end up as your friend for life. 

You never know.

Lyn Hernandez



  1. just remember to thank to old dude for treating you as a human, not just someone taking their hard earned money so you can have a genuine smile to your new potential friend. And not treating them like an a** , biding your time till you get to clock out! Peace, :)

    1. Wow. Just dusted off this post to share with my friends. I must have upset someone that I knew or not. That is why it's called anonymous. Those that know me would tell you that I would not treat anyone like an a** and I actually go out of my way to help others. Stalker status 10. Peace out. ;)

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