Saturday, March 20, 2010

True Princess.

My Beautiful son woke me up this morning with a question that blindsided me.

"Are you a true Princess Mom?

"Huh?  Am I a what?"

"You know.  A true Princess."

"Mommy is not a Princess honey.  Not even close."  I grumbled.

"Why?" He asked innocently enough.

"Because I can't sleep on peas." I thought this was a clever response and would stump him enough to walk away.

"You're silly Mommy!  We don't sleep on peas!"

"Yeah.  I know. That's why I can't be a princess."

"Oh.  What if we eat the peas?"

"It doesn't count Zach.  Everybody eats peas."

"Noooo.  Auntie Molly doesn't eat her peas."

"Does't count. Molly is a Queen.  OK. Enough of this princess stuff please."

"OK. Um Mom?"


"I wish you had a million dollars.  Then you could be a true Princess."

"A million dollars would be handy."

"Well how much money do you have?"

"Not enough honey.  I'm a million dollars short of a million." Hee hee.  That ought to get him.

"Oh. So you're just a poor old Mom then.  Well I'm going to be a true Princess!  And the I'm going to turn into Iron Man and save the world."

"You go do that honey.  This old lady is still tired."

 I didn't want to tell him that I am Queen of this castle, and that makes him my little Prince Charming.  I'm liking the Iron Man idea much better.  Go save the world Zach!  We need more heroes in this world.



  1. Give the boy a cape...he'll like that, trust me.

  2. Kids are fantastic. Well, some kids are. Zman is for sure! He's got big plans mama! And the coolest thing ever? You're in his plan. I love it:)

  3. That story is just too cute. Out of the mouth of babes. Having 5 boys and 1 girls I've got of few of those classic conversations. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.