Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Simple Acts.

It is the the little things in life that make me smile. I sometimes can get caught in a fit of giggles for seeing even a muscle twitch. What I think is funny may make the normal person scratch their head, but for me, the ache in my side is only a reminder of how different I see the world.

One of the simple things I've been doing lately is engaging people in conversation. I say "Hello." or "Pleasant day isn't it?", and then I wait for a response. I received a lot of smiles with returned pleasantries. (Most people looked confused at first while a waited for them to answer me.)

Most people don't expect you to actually listen. I found that to be funny. Why on earth would we ask questions and then walk away?

"Hey there. How are you?"

"I'm good, but my Gran is dyin'."

"Yeah. Well you look great. Mikey get your little behind back here!"

"Um. Thanks. I..."

"Tell your Gran I said hello! Bye."

See. That is not supposed to be funny right? I think it is hysterical.

Everyone is a critic. It is so much easier to find fault in someone else, than it is to reflect. I've heard the whole "I am my own worst critic" crap, and I don't believe a word.

In today's society we are leaning more toward on-line social networking, but it appears to me that in what should be liberating and freeing experience, instead we are still bound by the very same labels and constrictions we have in real life.

I am sure I do not have to go into the social network standing details to get you to understand that Tweeting is the ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) version of FB (FaceBook). I belong to both (sigh). I blame my friend Matt for getting me to Tweet again after I swore it off, and FB comes in handy for family and friends, but that's where it ends.

I have read a lot of blogs, and blogger thoughts on social sites regarding what the likes and dislikes were of blogs in general, and the results astounded me. It amazes me that anyone still has an active site.

I took three steps back. I had to go away. I can't think of why bloggers/people/humans would not like other fellow bloggers/people/humans form of creativity.

If we have a problem with it let's fix it.

I am the worst at grammatically anything, and I hate comma's.

Maybe someone could help the linkphobic, or help with some of the applications.

OK. Maybe people have a hard time trusting others on the Web, but that does not mean you can't assist in your neighborhood.

I'm just asking you to reach out and help.

Simple acts will lead to better people.

Take Care,



  1. i'll admit i have an active FB. it has actually helped me. i lost touch with a lot of people and friends over the years b/c i was shy and more withdrawn. with FB i was able to get in contact with a lot of of old school friends and have been able to meet up with more friends a lot more and go out more. FB has actually helped me become more social and go out more. i think of FB as a great way to keep in touch with people and they can check that whenever they are ready. its also a great place for games in my opinion. of course you have those people that make FB their life. thats sad but if FB is only a small part of your life then its not so bad.

  2. Very well put Luna. I agree wholeheartedly.

  3. I can't believe how timely this post is for me.

    I recently met a blogger IRL and as much as I enjoy her blog, she fell short. I asked her questions, I asked about her, I listened and commented when appropriate because I was interested in what she was talking about. I was interested in learning more about her. She did not ask me one question. Nothing.

    Funny thing is that she has sent me emails, commented on my blog so you would think she'd ask me ANY question (even including the basic one of how are you?).

    You could be on to something about social networks.

  4. Thank you Little Miss Blogger. I guess you have noticed I took a stand and stopped all web socializing. I stopped to see what I was doing wrong. I will be coming back soon to report on my "time off". I dropped all the technology(bare minimum e-mail, banking, and pogo.). I'm probably starting back up after my B-day which is July 5th.

    Oh and I hope you are well ;). Tell the family to appreciate each other. You never know in life.

    Sweet dreams