Thursday, August 18, 2011

Learning how to tie my shoe.

Learning how to tie a shoe.

How do you tell your child that mommy
doesn't  know the right way to tie a shoe?
Mommy doesn't want to tie her shoes.
She wants to kick them off just because it feels good.
She selfishly wants you to remain oblivious to the tainted world.
She wants barefooted days and nights,
and flip flops and floppy slippers.
No alarms in the morning or curfews at night.
So young, you only have the bedtime to worry you.
How do I tie your shoes?
I don't want to.
Not right now.
Let me show you bunny ears.
Let me show you around the tree.
In time my little man.
I will show you how to tie your shoes.

Lyn Hernandez
For Z-man


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