Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Top Five 2011

I was given a challenge by a fellow blogger who is quite an amazing lady. wasn't declared a challenge, but for me I took it as one.  I've been procrastinating, and hemming and hawing about writing on my blog again.  I just didn't feel like it.  And then life took over.  My days turned to weeks and those weeks to months.  I am going to post for her Carnival with the stipulation that everyone reading this understands that I am not a traditional blogger.  I write for me.  This sometimes annoys people.  I am careless with punctuation, and/or grammar.  I love using visual aids such as photos, and youtube.  That being said,  I give you my Top Five for 2011.

I had a wonderful presentation ready, but someone knocked on my door and then I received a phone call. Both conversations made me rethink what I should do.  He does work in mysterious ways.

#5 Books.  What can I say?   I love them.  I also love children.  Some of the best books I've read are meant for children.  Regardless of the age I believe everyone should read or be read to.  My number five is a demonstration of the passion I have and  wish that all schools across America would instill in our children.

#4 Home. I am eternally grateful for the new home that Zach and I have. After years of living in such a cramped space (Yes I was grateful for the roof over my head at the time) it was such a relief to hear those words "Here's your key." It's funny how three words make such a difference in a persons life. 

#3 Neighbors. I can not believe how lucky I am to have such wonderful people watching my back. I had something happen to me last week that shook my faith in how much kindness you can actually give to your neighbors. Tonight I had an awakening. One wrong can be righted by the good of another. Never judge those around you.

 #2 Friends. I have been graced by God with the best friends a woman can ask for. I can go on forever about the wonderful people I've met this year. My Father told me when I was a kid that you can count your true friends on one hand. I know what he said is true, but I now have two hands.

 #1 Family. What would we be without them? My biggest rocks are my Mom & Dad. I am eternally grateful for everything they have done for me and my boys. My Mother & Father have given me so much this year that I could never repay them in this lifetime. My son Aaron turned 19 and became a Marine. My baby Zachary moved with me and has been braving the transition. 

So...Although my Top Five may not be the standard pop culture, or holiday ready...I am happy. And that's what counts!

Sweet dreams. 


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  1. Lyn, I *love* this list. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy! I am grateful to know you. Believe me Ducky, in your own way, you inspire me. I love how true to yourself and your voice this was written and I love that you didn't to please anyone but yourself when you wrote it! What a great challenge Jackie posed right? Deadlines are goooood ...

    Here's my Top Five: