Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's so hot my thought's are melting!

It currently 85 degrees and the sun is down.   The weather person has promised a break in the humidity by the end of the week.


You said the same thing last week, and yet we are still baking like unattended food left in a car while attending to errands.

The only promise of some sort of relief is when the overcast clouds threaten a storm, and at that point I am rejoicing "Please rain! Please.!".

What makes matters worse is that people become delusional in high heat.  It's not funny, nor a joke.  When a person who has been in high levels of heat and has not been hydrating themselves, they are high risk of heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke.  You should always keep drinking water, and avoid caffeinated and/or alcoholic products due to the diuretic properties that will further agitate the issue at hand.

I know it's Summer and everyone wants to have fun, but have fun safely!

"Safety first... no one wants to come back from the dead smacking themselves on the head because they didn't listen!"


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