Thursday, July 18, 2013

Save the Melting Pot!

 I've been banging my head against the wall.  Why?  Well let's start with the ridiculous media coverage on events that have been so far pounded into the ground that they are creating bullshit out of the dust.

I'm not going to glorify them by typing their names.  Nor am I going to rant about the political misgivings that are currently trending.

My issue is the problem that is arising in our society at present.  We have become afraid of our fellow Americans. We have become distrustful of one another so much so that we do not offer help in situations where helping one another should be instinct. 

I thought that America was the melting pot of the world.  We have people of all races, heritage, religion, and ethnic background.  We are Americans because "We" , regardless of our lineage, exist in a country where we are supposed to be equals.

Social media has driven us to lessen ourselves.  We pay more attention to what "they" are saying than to what is actually happening around us.  I can not truthfully state that I do not pay attention to what is said on Social Sites, but I can say that I have had great restraint in not participating in the BS (Meaning politics, religion, and media sensationalism revolving around certain individuals that, again, I will not name.) 

Moving forward,  I'd like to address an issue that is bothersome to me.  It's called "Helping your fellow man/human/person".

It's not that hard, really.  All you have to do is remember "There are good people out there and some may need your help."  I know that trust is hard to earn, but imagine if we stopped being so stubborn and just helped each other.  How much better we as individuals would feel?  I can see it happening, but only when a tragedy occurs.  Don't let this be when you choose to rise up and help.  Do it proactively.  Help anyone that needs it now.   

This was something that happened to me today:

By now everyone should realize that there truly is a heat wave happening. If you see someone in distress the right thing to do is offer help. When did we all become self absorbed and mistrustful? On my way to my Mom's house after work I saw an elderly man with a cane struggling to walk and shaking, both lanes of cars just passing him by. I thought he may be having a heart attack or a heat stroke, so I found the nearest driveway and spun around. I pulled over across the street and ran over to him (there were two pedestrians walking across the road from him that didn't even bat an eye). I asked him if he was OK and should I call an ambulance. He said "No. I just have problems walking and I can't see very well." So I asked him where he was going and could I offer him a ride.

It turns out he just wanted to get to the Puerto Rican restaurant across from ST Ann's church. I gladly gave him a ride. This poor man was hardly able to get in my car. I had to help him get in and out of my car, and he was so grateful he kept offering to by me something to eat. He said that the world needed to have more people like me. I told him that there is always hope, and to never lose faith.

When I got in my car the only thing I could think of was "What if that were me? Would anyone stop to help me?" Think about it. People tend avoid potential situations due to the surroundings they are in. (South Main St in Waterbury, CT is not where you'd want to pick someone up. Yet..I did.)

It only takes a moment of your time to make a huge difference in someones life.   Take that moment and do something.

United we stand.  Divided we fall.

God Bless us all.


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