Tuesday, March 24, 2009


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Once upon a dreary day,

A pretty princess went out to play.

She walked, and hopped, and skipped along...

I remember most of the poem now and I am tempted to just write it all out right here right now, but I think I should take it slow. How embarassing it would be if afterward someone came forward with my original and it was all wrong. I should tell you that I am not a literary genius. Most of my writings are simple, but fun. Ok, so some are a bit on the dark side. I write what my mind tells me to, and I have an overactive imagination at times. I love all things silly and strange. Remember when we were little kids and could entertain ourselves for hours without the use of technology. A piece of string, an army of ants (hmmm... where are they going?), a bunch of rocks, some mud, and a mind thats full of ideas and Presto...you have have the kingdome of Lyn. I wasn't the Queen or the princess. I was the Wizard, or the magical fairy. It was more fun that way. If things weren't going my way, poof...Ha... your a frog now and you can only go back the way you were if I don't have to eat my spinach tonight! Sadly these spells only worked in my imagaworld. But I love spinach now.

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