Thursday, March 19, 2009

Once upon a dreay day

That was the name of a poem I wrote in High school.

 It's been bothering me because I lost it somewhere. It seems to be shadowing me in life, and I think that's why I want it back so bad.

 If I could see it, hold it, crush, o.k. maybe not crush it.

 Once upon a dreary la la...

Every generation has its beatniks, punks, goths.  People who do something drastic...make a difference.  Well, I wore black and shaved one side of my head.  Yes I did that.  I looked silly, but I made my point.

The point was that I made my own choices, I may have looked like an ass, but it was on my terms.

Fast forward to now...Ugh what was I thinking.  I just want my hair to behave.  No silver/grey/white strands unless I put them there on purpose. Black clothes are now for hiding the extra curves my two beautiful sons gave me.

Have I done anything with my writing...No..Why?....No clue...I just started this blog to get off my ass.

I needed to jump start my brain.

I hope with the prayers of my family & friends that I may find that voice that actually made me passionate when I was a teen.

With hope & courage,

Lyn Hernandez

**Re-edited 2012

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