Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do you believe?

I was having some difficulty getting Zachary to go to bed tonight.  I normally would use the usual "just go to sleep" trick, but it seems he is getting a wee bit smarter.  So I had to call in the Clause Man.

Yes.  I resorted to calling actual buds (Thank you Eddie aka Daddy and crew). Let me tell you something...Mr. I-forgot-your-name-pretending-to-be-Santa you are the best kinda friend ever. I really appreciated the time you took to speak with my son. I know I have no problem anymore with the belief.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


(Lyn is currently plucking the grey hairs out of her scalp for fun. Each strand is given a name in place of her sanity.  If you have any name suggestions please leave them in the comment section.)

Sweet Dreams.



  1. gray hair is fine as long as you keep those sexy legs of yours in good shape...

  2. I've had gray hair since I was in my 20's. This year I've found gray hairs in my eyebrows and I even have a gray eyelash. I called them bad names.

    Cute, you had to call on Santa to get your little one to bed.