Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our time for Angels.

If you are not saddened by the events of the past year, month, or day you may want to check your pulse. We have been plagued with disaster after disaster in an alarming rate. Well at least to this one little human.

All the petty things that we worry about on a daily basis become small. So minuscule you wonder if you worried excessively..I worry.

In my times of worry , or sadness I think of Angels. I have been a fond believer in Angels for many years. If you play a sport think of the Angel as a Coach. If you like Arts, think of the Angels as Mentors. Even if you like machinery, I'll say cars for this purpose, you have an Angel.

Please everyone. Start the chain of hope. Think of your Angel.

Yeah. I did sound like a commercial, but nope. I did not get paid anything for this. I just believe!


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