Saturday, September 26, 2009

Life is good.

It was absolutely beautiful out today. I was extremely hungover from a night of self-pity binging, but I was hell bent on going out and doing "stuff".

Everyone has their own hangover cure. There is the Bloody Mary, the Bloody Harry (same as the Mary but more than enough spicy ingredients to grow hair on your chest), wheat toast with honey, tea, soup, or anything extremely greasy. There are more but I think that covers my tried and true list. Most hungover humans would likely return to bed to sleep away the banging in their heads, swearing off alcohol while shaking and hoping that they don't throw up the little food they managed to get in their mouths. Me being the strange person that I am, I do not run for the covers and pillows. I do see the comfort in doing so, but nope. Not me.

I get urges. An impulse. Usually it tends to be harmless like, I have to get outside. If it's summer and the pool is open I grab a book and head to the pool. The water is refreshing and I snap back to reality. If it is winter and freezing freaking cold out I take a walk or just sit on something till my butt freezes. Another way of achieving this form of therapy is to take a cold shower. Set the shower to warm at first. Once your body is acclimated to the temperature shut the hot water off. Two minutes usually does the trick and then you can ease the hot back on.

Back to my day of the urge to splurge. Yes. I spend. That can be a very bad thing if not monitored. We had planned to go out today anyway, but I didn't bank on my oldest son calling me on it first thing this morning. So my lovely son Aaron comes into my room wondering why I am not up, dressed and ready. The cogs in my head start turning as I stare into his bemused face(probably wondering if I really am his Mom or a hideous alien with freaky hair). Snap! It hits me. Shit. OK. I am up.

Our agenda for the day included Apple picking at the Orchard, lunch at Chili's, and then a final viewing of Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince before it hits DVD. So,
Mom, Aaron, Zach, and I piled into Mom's wicked cool car and off we went.

Our little day of fun was the best day a Mom with a nasty hangover, clogged nose, whiny and hyper 4 year old, teenager who chose to be with family for the day, and Mother/Grandma who helped me to make it happen and while smiling, could ever ask for.

Apple Orchards: $25.00
Chili's: $15.00 (It was $57.00 but mom had a gift card and we had to tip of course.)
Movie: $16.00 for 4 of us. Sweet. That's because the theater we went to shows out dated movies.)
Total for the day: PRICELESS

I could care less about my aches and pains, and the woe is me crap. I spent the whole day with Mom & my boys.

Life is good. God is great. And I am heading for better things to come.

Sweet dreams.

I hope your day was great as well.



  1. we went bridal registering!

    and the worse thing about drinking is the day after feeling... i think that's what keeps me from drinking (plus the meds! lol)

  2. That sounds like a great day! I'm glad you were able to make the most of it, despite, well, recovering from your alcohol-induced feelings of ickiness.

  3. Thank you both. Congratulations Jenny. I wish I could be there to help you with all the fun. I love registering for just about anything.

    Karen: Alcohol and depression do not mix well. I deserved the pain I inflicted on myself. I think I might have had a stomach bug on top of it as well. I was sick for 3 days. Yuck!