Friday, September 4, 2009

Z-file:Breaking news!

Breaking news! Zachary declares that not all bugs are good bugs! A quote from Mr.Z-Man stated, "Bad bugs. I don't like that bug." Mr. Z would not elaborate for fear of discrimination charges. It appears that this once brazen youth has had a change of heart. Is it for the greater cause of insects and arachnids? We can only wait and watch as his genius for discovery grows. Stay tuned for further developments.

My little Entomologist wannabe has changed his mind over the course of one week. Let's see what could have possibly have changed my little bubbies mind. Could it have been the endless days (or so it seemed) of the Battle of the fleas? Perhaps it was his being the only one in a group of people to take on multiple mosquito bites even though Mommy made sure to put on protection. Or would it be that he is ultra sensitive to bug bites (the Docs diagnosis not mine)? I am not sure so let us examine other factors.

Ever hear of learned behavior aka monkey-see-monkey-do? My child Z (my bubbie or z-man as I sometimes call him) has been so observant. How sweet is it that he has watched unnamed children run squealing from bees and flies not knowing the difference between the two. I am tickled pink knowing that my fierce warrior of the spider world now cringes at the sight of a web. Why wouldn't I want my precious little man to explore and find things out for himself within reason. It's OK Z run away squealing with the other kids. Mommy loves you no matter what.

Mom and Dad do not let your children get so scared of bugs that it is crippling. Explain to them the different types of bugs if you can. If you need assistance look it up. What a great way to spend time with your child. Do you have a phobia regarding an insect or perhaps all of them? It is not genetic. You can be part of the problem regardless of what you think.

I AM part of the problem here. I was a flea vigilante and took any insect in general down. After so many days of dealing with bugs my tolerance for anything regarding zoology pissed me off.

Gone were the days of me sitting in the yard and letting the bugs go free. It's like they knew I was killing one of their kin. Thank God that Autumn is upon us. Otherwise I'd probably end up like the character in Gulliver's Travel.

So my mini me is no longer the Entomologist. Thanks to me, and numerous scared children, my baby boy is now an Endthemallogist. Don't bother looking it up. If you do find it, and it has to do with Z's anti-bug movement please forward the info.

Sweet dreams.


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  1. aaaawe, i am so sorry to hear his love and interest in bugs is gone the way of the dodo!

    bugs in general do not bother me. i just prefer not to be around spiders, fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and things that sting. as long as its not in my house they can live... oh, and ants!