Friday, September 25, 2009

The Princess & Spanish Heritage

***Updated due to the author's unruly hangover. Never blog while intoxicated!***

La Quinceanera is the equivalent of the Sweet Sixteen minus one year. What's that you say? That doesn't make any sense? Let me enlighten you. When a young girl of Latina descent ages to her fifteenth year she becomes a woman. We celebrate this like a wedding. Huge Cake. DJ. Party favors. The whole I am a good girl rite of passage. This was the year "Princess" was written. All I wanted to do was shoot the dumb bitch! Happy endings my ass. Eek. Did I say that out loud? Whatever.

These are the words from MY 15 year old mouth to paper. I am not editing anything because I find it amusing.

A special thank you to Anthony Nam Hoang for recovering the Princess and for being such a great friend & Artist.(OK. So I edited a "couple" of words but this is the POEM. If you are looking for fireworks or a parade tell them they missed my house. Kidding of course.)


Once upon a dreary day,
a pretty princess went out to play.
She walked and hopped and skipped along,
singing a merry fairy song.

At that same time a wicked witch,
was scheming up a double switch.

"I'll take those ugly gross roses,
that all the fair maidens smell with their noses"

"I'll switch the smell. Yes that's what I'll do.
I'll take the old smell and give it a new."

Hocus Pocus Alaca Zeep,
whoever smells roses shall fall asleep.

Hocus pocus Alaca Zears,
they shall fall asleep for a hundred years.

Now back to the princess who's still skipping along,
singing her merry fairy song.

Until! She came upon a bunch of roses,
that all the fair maidens smell with their noses.

She plucked one here, she plucked one there,
she plucked some more so she could share.

But then she smelled a horrible smell,
she soon became queasy and weazy and fell.

As everyone knows along came a knight,
who wheeled and squealed at the horrible sight.

"My Lord, this Princess is under a spell,
she has fallen asleep by that horrible smell

He picked up a rose and took a whiff
and he fell asleep by just one sniff.

On and on and on this went,
people falling asleep by this horrible scent.

But soon, very soon, they'll all be asleep.
Then there will be no one left to weep.

So..If Anyone sees a bunch of red roses,
that all the fair maidens smell with their noses,

Think twice before smelling that horrible scent,
Else you may find where all the rest went.

Lyn Hernandez

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  1. Well, I guess it's true about the whole "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all." Aw, come on. I wrote it when I was 15. I thought it was clever back then. What a difference 23 years make.