Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I miss the 80's.

I miss the 80's.  I was reminiscing with some friends today and John Cusack came up.  If you hung out with my friends, and I back in the day then you knew every Brat pack movie inside and out, you worshiped John Hughes, and any cult like film that stared young actors portraying underdogs that win the day ruled the screen at our houses.

One of my heroes was John Cusack.  I wanted to rescue him so bad as a kid.  I still secretly do, or maybe just have a cup of tea or coffee with him.

The conversation we had pertained to the "Cute and Fuzzy Bunnies" on One Crazy Summer starring John Cusack, and Demi Moore.  These "bunnies" were not ordinary.  They kept Hoops McCann, (John Cusack), from finding love.  Of course it's Hoops that's actually drawing them so in actuality it was him keeping himself from finding true love.

It's complicated.  Just watch and enjoy the flashback.

Oh. These are all the animations he (Hoops) did all in one.  Thank you Vinsinlau for the edit.

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