Monday, April 11, 2011

Turning 40.

My birthday is approaching fast. I thought time would drag on like it normally does, but because I am turning 40 my life is speeding up. Didn't Valentines day just pass? Did the groundhog see his shadow? What month is this?

There are so many things that I promised myself would happen, or that I'd accomplish before I reached 40. So I was thinking about the "list", and mentally checking off the stuff I'd done and prioritizing the things I haven't. I can probably write a whole post just regarding the list so I'll cut to one of the items in the top 10. The tattoo.

One day my son decides that he'd like a tattoo for his birthday. He is underage and therefor needs permission, and of course the money for it. Me being the wise ass that I can sometimes be decide that I'll trick him out of it. I wanted him to wait till he was old enough. So I tell him that he has to ask Grandpa for permission. I also, throw in the topper. If Grandpa says he can get inked then I will get one as well. Dad is old school, so I figure he'd have a cow. WRONG! Not only does he say go for it, but he is excited for him.

What the heck just happened? Are you kidding me. What happened to the man who freaked out when I put a second hole in my ear? How about when my brother pierced BOTH of his? Alright. OK. So people can change with age. He isn't as strict anymore. He is now the cool Grandpa. Grr.

This meant that I had to be a mom of her word and let him do it, but I also would have to do mine. Sigh.

Wait. Whats that I smell? A loophole? Yes, that's right ladies and gentleman I never said when or what for myself. Ha! Well I wasn't that abrasive. I just told him I really needed to think about what I was putting on myself. I didn't want some silly squiggle just to say I did it. I wanted it to mean something.

Well that was a few years ago. My son is heading for the Marines soon, and I needed to make sure this got done before I turned 40. The timing was perfect. The inspiration for the Tat is Thomas Hooper. He rocks. You should check out his work here.

Inked by "T". Photo by ME.

Until next time.


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