Monday, October 5, 2009

The Orb's & EVP vs evp.

***Updated 10/6/09 4:47: Hi there guys and gals. I had a nice surprise when I got home. GodMamma Sandy from stopped by and left a comment regarding her experiences at Guntown in CT. Wicked cool. Thanks Sandy!***

Holy crap. What's that sound I hear? Oh, wait a second that's just silence. This has been a hell of a couple of days.

I was strolling along reading some fabulous blogs on Sunday afternoon and decided I was going to actually seek human contact. I came back to NOTHING! I had lost my connection to the "other" world. This put a huge damper on my investigation. I became more focused on why I couldn't write about crap no one wants to know about,(I had a ninny fit), and less about the reason why the wireless was down. Four hours later it came up and I had to restrain myself from ripping the cord out for spite. ( sounds good, but I'd only do it in my head. It's free and no damage control afterward.)

On to my next installment of Freaks & Frights and Things that go bump in the night. Tonight we are going to take a look at Orbs and EVP's. My investigations are purely for my own amusement and hopefully yours. Grab some popcorn and a beverage. I am just as curious as you are. One sec...I need my snacks too.

OK. If you ever want to piss off a scientific person just tell them that Orbs are real. Don't shoot me down just yet. I do believe that orbs are possible. The problem I have is after reading the scientific point I can see how many photo's would be misinterpreted. These are images of nonentity ie. dust, rain.

Photo from here

Photo from here

I see the Orbs, but still not feeling the love. Check this one out.

Photo from here

I want to be serious about this, but doesn't it look like he just dropped a ball. I bet his shorts have a bit more room. Ouch. Dammit Lyn. OK. Moving on.

EVP...Electronic voice phenomena. I have had this happen to me before I even knew what it was. I was recording myself running lines for a play I was in. No one was home
and it was quiet. When I ran the tape back I could hear a kid talking. I could not understand a word of it and at that time I was pissed because I thought maybe my son Aaron had messed with the recorder. The only problem was it was a fresh tape I threw in there.

My son Z's GodMamma Sandy and Cousin Sue are Ghost Hunters or Paranormal Investigator's which ever you'd like to call them. They are the Wicked Bitches of New Haven County. (I will be heading for Alaska after this post for fear of Lyn's Bitchtoberfest.)

Godmamma pointed me to a site that she is a member of OK. Great music but not so helpful on the EVP. Actually, they do have a section dedicated to EVP, but not what I was hunting for.

Seriously folks. I have found out that hours of searching for voices of dead people make hunters very possessive. I don't blame them. I'd be marking my territory as well if I had to stake out in the dark in creepy locations. Where do you guys pee? And lets just say for instance you have a phobia regarding insects and you are in some hole trying to record and something drops on your head and crawls onto your face. What do you do?

If you came to look for the EVP's I urge you to go search . They are out there. My definition of EVP is Everyone's Very Possessive. Therefore, I am not stomping on the under appreciated Paranormal Investigators/Ghost Hunters toes, or the freshly turned earth that the dead has been laid into.

Kudo's to you all. I will stick to reading with my light on and hope that if someone is trying to contact me from the "other side" you will give me the message.

Sweet Dreams.



  1. its so strange you picked this topic!! why? well, I talked to my best gal pal from highschool today aka ArmyGirl and she told me that her and some of her people in her area are "ghost hunting".... what?! my serious minded Army Chic, the one who chuckled politely when I told her my encounter of a paranormal experience...

    Now I really can't wait to get back to arkansas so I can get together with this group of hers!!!

  2. I have a coaching client whose teenage son was killed in an auto accident many years ago. She has an entire photo album of photographs she's taken in various places that show the same orb always and she swears it's her son.

  3. Hi guys. Good morning. Blaez that is so awesome. I've been curious for the longest time but I think I'd wet myself if I actually came in contact with a spirit.

    Peach: Sandy and Sue are constantly filming and taking photos. They have some bizzare stuff pop up. I think there is a huge difference in the photos that I posted and the ones the ones that they take. If she has the same orb all the time it probably is her son. I'm not an expert though.

  4. The wicked bitches of New Haven County huh? LMAO I LOVE that....I will have to tell Sue that one!!! I wish I still had the recordings we did at Gunntown Cemetery.....we had one voice whisper "why are you here?" and during one of the recordings we had mentioned my daughter Colleen (who gets along with children so well, she is going for nursing to work with children), well when we mentioned Colleen's name, we heard a child's voice on the recorder loud and clear! It sent chills up my spine. Definitely amazing stuff. I have felt things touch me at Gunntown, heard footsteps, in SNOW, coming towards me and no one was there, LOTS of orbs....and have even brought things home with us...but that's another story!! Love it!!

  5. Holy crap. Ladies and Gentlemen that was a surprise guest appearance from GodMamma Sandy. Maybe I can get her and Cousin Sue to do a little filming of Gunntown for us to see. And maybe I can get Colleen on board with an interview of her Paranormal experiences (She is a Spirit magnet.) Thank you Sandy for stopping by. Oh, as for the Wicked Bitches of New Haven County comment, you know you like it. Now go get some T-shirts made up for your team! (I get an honorary title right?)

  6. Too many things that go bump in the night just go bump. Skepticism is key:) Check out Eastern State if you ever get a chance. Great history and spooky as all get out. Happy hunting!!

  7. Ghosthunters is one of my favorite shows. I LOVE the fact that they are constantly debunking stuff and finding alternative explanations. Where many TV paranormal investigators give weight to what it "could" be, the T.A.P.S. team motto is, "When in doubt, throw it out."

    I desperately want to go on a ghost hunting trip sometime. But I'm a little bit scared of what might happen! I'm a bit of a magnet for activity, which is fine as long as I don't see them or hear them! sort of the point of hunting....

  8. Hi there Cyn. Thank you for joining the crew. I agree with the bumps in the night. Sometimes the human mind makes your senses go into overload rendering it almost impossible to distinguish what is real or not. I watched Nightmare on Elm Street with my Mom and two brothers. Mom had no recollection of ever seeing the movie(she still thinks she hasn't seen it), and my brothers and I were obsessed with not sleeping.

    Karen: Hi there. I've told you in the past that you remind me of Sandy. I can see you going on a hunter trip. You should do it. As for T.A.P.S., I love that show. I haven't been watching lately, but they are awesome. They have the advantage of being plumbers too. They aren't afraid of the dark and dingy basements. I try to keep an open mind when it comes to the unknown. I have had many things happen to me that are unexplained and go against logic. I'll just keep being open. Love ya.