Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Mighty Arachnid: The Big Brown Spider that would not die!

Well I thought I could move on from my fear of spiders, but I guess not. On Monday morning I was straightening up my room and was reaching for a cushion. Something shifted as my hand approached and I instinctively recoiled. What was it? A huge ass brown spider. What is it with these suckers?

I didn't know what to do, because I knew if I walked away to get something to trap it with it would wander off, and I would be living in fear of it coming out while I was sleeping. Did I mention that it was huge? So I grabbed a can from my arsenal of sprays I had on a nearby counter. Remember when I had the flea problem? Well I had all sorts of sprays from all the fumigating and deodorizing.

Mr. Spider got Windexed, Liosoled, Ferbreezed, Flea sprayed, Bug killer doused, and for good measure Glade powder fresh blasted. You know what? That S.O.B. was still alive. So after screaming bloody murder half the neighborhood banged down my door and whisked me off to safety. Ha! Yeah right. More like, I woke everyone in the house up and my mother trapped the bugger in a cup with a plate while laughing her ass off at my sissy dance.

I don't know what kind of spider that one was, but I did figure out what the one I had photographed in the backyard was. The first photo is what I used to reference my photo and the second was taken by me this past Summer.

Photo from here

Photo by Lyn Hernandez

"Black and Yellow Argiope or "Garden Spider / Banana Spider"

A very large common spider in North America. Usually hangs in webs with its head facing the ground. It is brightly colored. Its venom is a neurotoxin similar to that of the black widow. However, its venom is not near as potent. Its bite causes local pain and redness with blisters forming. This bite usually resolves within 24 hours except for the bite mark."

The one in my room looked more like this:

Photo from here

Photo from here

Once again, I have no clue what kind of spider it was, but that's what it looked like. Those photos are of the Brown Recluse. I don't care what type of spider it is/was so long as it stays out of the house. Did I mention that it was HUGE!

Take care for now.



  1. we have brown spiders in the house... from small to medium to large. i freak the fuck out anytime i see one. Kai (bless her heart) saved me while I was midstream on the toilet when one came out of the air vent. She pounced and ate that freakin spider. Joe said since she didn't get sick it wasn't poisonous so we have nothing to worry about.

    I carry around a can of spider and ant killer with me everywhere I go in this house!

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