Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dolls: Evil or Possessed

Yippee. Err. I didn't just say that. Someone possessed me. Yeah. Let's go with that. On my quest to hunt the weird I have been stopping by to give blog love. I was visiting LivingDeadNurse and laughing at her responses to a meme that just happens to be all about the stuff I am hunting and I got mental slapped upside the head when I realized that I didn't have dolls on my list. I had Chupacabra on mind for tonight, but we will put the Freak on the back burner for now. Thank you LivingDeadNurse for unknowingly greasing the twisted cogs in my head.

It's number three on my tour of Freaks & Frights and Things that go bump in the night. Tonight's subject is Evil or Possessed Dolls. Oh how we love our dolls. It doesn't matter whether you were a boy or a girl. You loved dolls. OK. I will give the men a break here, and say that either they were playing with "Action Figures" or they were mutilating our dolls (my apologies to those that really did play with dolls.) What was your favorite doll? Betsy Wetsy (is that a doll), Barbie, Raggedy Ann or Andy, Cabbage Patch kids(I think they are freaky regardless of possession), or perhaps a Chucky Doll.

Oh my Chucky. How I loved thee. Hopefully you all already know about the red headed freak doll that scared that crap out of everyone (OK. Not everyone.)in the late 80's early 90's. He was a Goth My Buddy doll. I thought he was friggin hilarious, but I guess demon possession of a doll was a bit much for my parents to swallow. Actually It was Dad. He threw it out. But there is a VHS tape of me delivering my son Aaron using Chucky as my focal point out there. I have witnesses. My room seemed to be source of stress relief for the staff.

See how cute he is. Awe.

OK. Maybe some anger management classes and a stylist and he could be OK.

Sigh. Poor Chuckster.

As I have stated before, my investigation is not to be taken seriously. I am hunting purely for my own amusement and hopefully yours.

This sums up the doll possession quite well. Excellent job.

Paranormal Site
Deena Budd
BellaOnline's Paranormal Editor
Possessed Dolls
Guest Author - Kim DeLeary

Many people do not like dolls. Dolls have been reported to be possessed by spirits as a paranormal phenomenon. The possessed doll is a common theme in popular horror movies.

For many of the people who are made uncomfortable by dolls, porcelain dolls can be the most disturbing. Dolls with jointed arms and legs are sometimes reported as being the scariest type of porcelain doll. It is possible that the feeling of being in the presence of an "other" is increased the more closely an object resembles a human being. Some people will turn dolls around so the doll will face the wall instead of into the room, move the doll out of the room entirely, avoid the room with the doll and if possible, will get rid of the doll. People also sometimes report nightmares where a doll or dolls come alive and even aggressive.

Spirit attachment to any object is weird. Among the many types of objects that are reported to be possessed, dolls could be the most frightening possessed object. Theories about the cause of doll possession or spirit attachment include a traumatic event that happened near the doll, a child's emotional attachment to the doll as being comforting and inviting to a nearby spirit, the energy focused on the doll results in the summoning of a spirit, a ghost's continuing attachment to the doll and rarely demonic possession.

It is thought that because the doll is such a weak vehicle for possession that it is not a very desirable object for spirit possession. Some of the types of paranormal phenomena associated with possessed dolls include hearing voices, laughter, crying, cold spots, feelings of being watched the unexplainable movement of the doll and unexplainable movement of furniture or objects near the doll. The doll may be described as having personalities that range from comforting to evil.

Pinocchio is an example of a doll that comes to life in classic literature. This wooden doll is tame compared to some of the other possessed dolls that can be found on television and in feature films. Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone was an early paranormal television series that displayed many stories including ones about a possessed ventriloquist’s doll and an evil talking doll. In Toy Story, the entire box of toys comes alive at night and all the toys have lives of their own, regardless of the quality of their form.

The idea of evilly possessed dolls coming to life is so creepy that that you can find many horror movies that feature them. There is a scary moment in Poltergeist when the clown doll comes to life as an omen for the rest of paranormal activity that escalates in the film. The Chucky films feature a doll possessed of an evil and murderous spirit. In Doll Graveyard, murderous dolls terrorize people in an old house. The movie Magic features a ventriloquist’s evil doll, which attempts to take over a man’s life. In Puppet Master, the evil puppets come to life to commit murder.

The idea of dolls coming to life can be a frightening idea. Tapping into this fear has been a lucrative business for some filmmakers in the horror film industry. The theme of haunted dolls is popular in literature and movies because it is such a naturally scary concept shared by many people.

You guys rock at the Bella Online-The Voice of Women.

Jeepers Creepers where'd you get those peepers? Seriously. These are freaky.

I think they are the same doll but from different views. I need coffee. I have those eyes burnt into my head. Ugh!

That wraps up the 3rd installment of Freaks & Frights and Things that go bump in the night.

Once again, please remember my investigation is purely for my own amusement, hopefully yours, and not to be taken seriously.

Any damage claims regarding snarfing too many snacks & beverages should be differed to management. She, however, is currently ignoring all calls while on a mission to find chocolate.

Sweet Dreams all.



  1. you're killin me!! now I'll never get to sleep......

    just kiddin! the chucky movies never really scared me much. it was the stephen king books that did it for me on the dolls... there is a book that turned into a movie where the people were being possessed and this lady had alot of dolls...and the dolls did something bad?! aaaah, i'm gonna have to go through my collection now!!!

    I personally LOVE your series :)

  2. Did somebody say chocolate?!?!?!?!

  3. I hate dolls.

    Well, I'm okay with little ones, but I grew up with a 3-foot demon at the foot of my bed and she still watches me whenever I sleep at my mom's house.

    I tried to appease her recently, though, by taking her out for a night on the town. She had a good time and has stopped staring at me, for the most part.

  4. Hello ladies. Good afternoon. Blaez did you figure out which book it is? I need a new book to read.

    Leave it to Sandy to focus on the chocolate! Demons? What demons? Did they take the chocolate?

    Hi Karen. I loved your piece on the Corn Maze. I have got to go this weekend. I have never been to a haunted one though. That would be wicked cool but sadly I can't torture poor Zachary like that. Soooo. Three foot demon huh? You have my attention. What kind of doll is 3 feet? And she stares? Creepy!

  5. I have a doll with moveable limbs dressed up at a Captain with a ceramic, but heavy, anchor attached to it's left arm. It has moved on its own, taking it's hat off and on, moving in front of my bedroom door that was shut overnight, and even putting a knife in it's hand as it waits outside my bedroom door. It even jumped into the bed after I left the room for a minute after it was waiting outside the door (I didn't put him back right away). I have no idea what to do about it. It was bought several years ago in Berlin, OH from an Amish flea market. please help

    1. id say get rid of the doll for the fact of the killing part with the knife and does it talk to you?