Friday, July 17, 2009

Camp thong down.

I had this whole wonderful story that I was about to send to The Peach Tart regarding nudest camp and I lost it. Not my mind, the whole e-mail. My dumb ass didn't save it.

Peach Tart. This ones for you!

Because it was a long story and I don't want to write it ALL again I am going to highlight some of my finer moments. FYI..I had never been to a nude camp. Me and 9 other friends went to one about 14 years ago for a weekend.

Upon arrival I got rejected because my friend John & I were past the curfew. I pitched a fit. We got really lost and it was storming out. We got in after wombat(evil woman) was told to let us in by higher powers.

The next day we headed out for breakfast. Which by the way was amusing. Have you ever gone to a clothing optional breakfast? It may have been uncomfortable, but the food was great. I still have a hard time forgetting the guy itching his ass not far from our table.

My high point and almost the end of our trip came when I failed to adhere to their rules. They had different rules for different areas. Clothing optional in some. I was a newbie. I had the cutest new almost nothing swimsuits and I figured this was the place to show them off. WRONG!

I entered the gift/one stop shop for whatever it was I was looking for and I got the lecture(evil woman again). I was shot down for wearing my cute little thong. OK. Boobies are out...They wanted hoo hoo too. You got it. I got very red in the face. She was not going to make me a joke. I pulled off my thong and in sling shot style slung it at the floor.

I asked with a bit of an attitude "Better?" But I didn't stay for the response because I was so pissed off, and embarrassed. I headed to the pool where my fellow naked people wouldn't notice me.

It's very easy to blend in when you have people male/female around you that are just as normal and vulnerable. I feel for the man who was walking around with his penis tied in a knot. Ouch!


  1. Girl I've never been to a nudist retreat although there is one only an hour from Atlanta. I have however spent lots of time on topless beaches in Europe and Jamaica. It made me feel like such a bohemian. I think the abundance of alcohol helped make it easier.

  2. Sling-shotted a thong?!!!

    Work it, girl! ;)

  3. You really went to a nudist retreat!!! Oh wow you are brave!

    I love the sling shotting of the thong though.

  4. Thank you. I was wicked embarrassed. I am glad I had at least some composure or it would have been right at her. Oh, and I still don't know who has that thong. I left it there in the shop.