Thursday, July 9, 2009

Playing hookie.

Skipping school to hang with the friends at the local arcade, cruising in your car at the hot spots looking for others at McD's, or the King, or realizing you were going to miss the perfect suntanning day ever...This was part of the Summer just got to get out and do things. This was part of being Generation X.

Why is it that my generation gets a letter but the rest have very snazzy ones? Twits!

I was a good kid, but like all teens you dabble in the unfamiliar. I wanted to be cool. I was a geek. I wanted to lead, and yet I followed. Where am I going with this? Ugh. I was sitting pool side with Molls and kids. The subject came up. The 1st thing to pop into my head was my bro (the older one).

There are rules to playing hookie. The 1st rule is: Don't get caught! Second is: See 1st.

Here is the story of my dumb ass bro trying to play hookie on an excellent day.

P doesn't think that today is a good day to sit in class. Why would someone so young and full of energy do so? He is going fishing.

Now I don't know how he managed to sneak out all of his fishing gear without mom or dad catching him....the boy was smooth.

No one knew that P had actually skipped out.


Front and center on the Local page of our newspaper my bro is smiling and showing off his latest catch(It was newsworthy).



  1. Ha, such is life :) speaking of generation x I recommend this blog: shes really good. Oh and as an aside, I'm liking the blue much more than the previous background you had - I had trouble reading your posts with it...

  2. Mom played it off and asked how school was the day before. She wanted to see how far he'd go with the lie. Lets just say he went really far and had trouble sitting for a week from the tanning of his hide. I like the blue too. And I did it by accident.

  3. oh that sucks how he got caught. i remember skipping a day or two here and there. i am a big believer in education and know its important but once in a while you need to take off and enjoy a day.

  4. I agree. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. I just never got caught. Oh and I think I failed to tell everyone that he was 11 or 12 I believe. He snuck all his fishing stuff out of the house and walked to the lake. INSANE!

  5. lol..i guess he figured no one would be mad since he was in the