Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer time

Do you know what I did today? Nothing. Who did I share it with? My family. OK so I am selfish. I LOVE MY FAMILY! I look forward to summer time because I know we can gather so much easier at Mom & Dad's.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as well. Eat lots of watermelon, or maybe start up a seed spitting contest. Bubbles...more bubbles. BBQ sauce and sticky yelling at the kids for being dirty...They are having fun. Let it go.

Let your hair down. Relax. No calorie counting, SPF, Trans fat, alcohol proof checking at all. Tell everyone to take a number and stand in the complaint line.

Suggestion: If you have over 10, 15, 20+ family/friends over and someone is on your last nerve tell them that so & so is looking for them and point them in a random direction. And do not use children as messenger services. They will never get the message right. We have cell phones and we can text if we have to.

We were pool side and decided to eat AL Fresco. When we do food(No hot dogs & Burgs) we kick ass. Sniff...sniff whats that? Oh my Lyneee's in charge of that grill! Aw~! T-Bone you rock too...just not tonight Bro! Kisses!

Mom has been experimenting with recipes and she has got this watermelon, roasted pine nut, feta cheese thing that I become evil with. MINE...It's MINE! Go away... See
what I mean.

Sweet dreams all.


  1. i miss the summers in arkansas. before i became lame, lol

  2. I would love to hear what a summer in Arkansas is like. Actually I'd like to go there myself one day.

  3. you make summer sound so great. i havent had a summer like that in a long time. i need to have fun too. i'm gonna try to take a mini-vacation sometime soon. i should visit my friend up north, its only a few hours drive. he got a new house with a pool recently. that should be fun.

  4. Thanks MC...We really do have a great time. Thats why in the Summer I am not on the computer as much. Well work takes up time too, but if it is nice out when I get home I change and go straight outside. I need a!

  5. I like this a lot. Well said.