Saturday, July 18, 2009


What is a little pebble? I stared at it for a bit and it did nothing. I wanted it to change but it just sat there. Pebbles are stubborn. As are their elders, the rocks and boulders.

If I could wash away the time
of crap that infests my mind
silly tads that now reside
inside my head I won't subside
You think I may succumb
you silly fools I am not that dumb

Lyn Hernandez aka Ducky


  1. Well Ms. Fernandez...I didn't know you were such a good poet.

  2. I let my creative self out every now and then. Kidding. I should write more often.

  3. u and i have alot in common there, Lynn.

    i have a huge notebook beside me full of when i use to write... my exhusband drained it all out of me and i stopped writing after we got married. now i can't get any emotion out of me to write anything...

    i hope one day i can. i've gotten a few here and a few there but not as good as i use to.

  4. what a nice poem. i used to write more. i need to get started again.

  5. Did you write this? It's very good.

  6. Thank you. Yes I did write it. And I hope that you guys let it flow as well. Sometimes we get a bit too caught up in our lives to do the things we really appreciate and are talented at. Ahem..Mrs.C you have such a talent for crafts. Blaez & MCCG I would love to see some of your works as well.