Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good morning.

Blase over at My's your move had this getting to know you "whatchamacallit" lists. I figured eh..I have nothing to gain or lose so what the heck!

I'm all about getting to know my Peeps. Please list your Favorites and Answers to the following-

1.Ice Cream Flavor~Cookies and cream, but I am lactose intolerant so I never eat it.
2. Color~Pink
3.Full-Course Dinner~Thanksgiving Dinner with all the fixings.
4. TV Show~Top Chef
5. Season of the Year~Summer
6. Day of the Week~Friday
7. Month of the Year~July
8. Room in your House~My room
9. Restaurant~None
10. Movie Actor~Johnny Depp
11. All-Time Movie~Breakfast Club
12. Political Affiliation~ :{ not saying
13. Manner of Relaxing~Sleeping
14. Book, and/or Author~Too many to pick one.
15. Comedian~Dane Cook
16. Excluding Mine...your Favorite Blog~
17. What were the circumstances that gave you the incentive to start a Blog? I wanted a creative outlet.
18. How many jobs have you been employed with since your first full-time job? More than 2
19. How many people do you personally know that has been laid-off of work? About 10
20. Your greatest Concern/Worry/Challenge~My son.
21. Music Artist/Band~Too many to pick one.
22. Your Motto in Life~Carpe diem!

There you have it. Some completely useless information about me. Frankly I loved the answers over at Blase's blog much better.

Zach update: We got home yesterday afternoon. It was a very tiring experience. Once we both got settled in and cleaned up we laid down for a while and managed to sleep clear through the night. I gave him more meds this morning and he went right back to bed. I think I may lay down again too.

Take care all.



  1. Thanks, I'm interested in everyone's answers. Your profile pic is Cool!

    Best wishes for Zach

  2. Why thank you Blase. Zach sends his thanks too. (Nah. Not really. It sounded good. He is still in pain. But we really appreciate the well wish.)