Sunday, November 22, 2009

Z-file: Surgery Sucks Serious Nads

If you are looking for a fluffy post go away. Nothing about Zach was fluffy and right. Everyone who told me "Oh. It's an easy operation. He goes in and comes out. He should be able to go home that day." Or "My child went in and had it done and came out wanting ice cream and we were out the door."

How about this: My son went in and shoved the surgeon out of the way...gave himself the anesthesia which he was impervious to, so he decided to gargle some ice water to numb himself, and then ripped his own Tonsils and Adenoids right out. He hawked up some blood but felt he was good to go and was ready for some Loaded Nacho's.

Of course I am kidding, but hopefully you get the frustration I have been dealing with. I had to call the Doc again tonight because he is not drinking or eating and he has been throwing up. So now its NO food at all and just water or pedialite. If he tosses his meds and water tonight its back to the ER. Bleh.

I have some pictures from the hospital. I stopped taking them for obvious reasons.

That's my baby boy. My Z-man! One day of surgery crumbled this Super-Spirited-Ultra-Positive-Ever-Smiling-Mama.

Hopefully he sleeps peacefully.

Sweet dreams to all.



  1. Poor little guy! I hope he gets feeling better soon!

  2. I hope he's doing better and Mama is resting

  3. Thanks Karen and Peach. No ER last night Thank God. He is much better this morning. He asked for water at 6:00am and then told me he was hungry by 8:00am. He had a couple of spoons and called it quits but at least he ate. So hurray. He is recovering.

  4. I hope he continues to do well! Prayers for you!

  5. Hi. Thank you Missy. Prayers are most definitely welcome.

    OK. Update. He backtracked and started throwing up yet again! This is making me lose my mind. So I called his Doc again. I was beginning to think they forgot about me. All is good. Zach has held down the PediaSure. I should have thought of that much sooner. I would have spared my self the grief and many strands of grey.

  6. i think i might have missed somewhere what his surgery is for but i am so very sorry to hear he's been up n down in the recovery.

    *hugs* we're still praying

  7. Jenny...My baby Z is doing much better, but I had close to 4 days of hell. Remember what you said about family and friends in time of need? Well I hear you loud and clear sista. Mom was right by my side, but I had to check myself a couple of times when they asked when my "Husband" was coming. Sigh!

  8. poor kid. thats tough to deal with. hope everything goes well very soon.

  9. Thank you Luna. He is doing very well today. I went back to work and came home to him driving grandma up the wall. Poor kid had all his energy building up and let it all loose on grams.