Friday, November 20, 2009

Zman heads to Surgery.

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I am packed, and ready. Mom took care of Z while I was at work tonight, so all is well. We are ready to board Captain!

I still have my heart in my throat. I have gotten different responses from my lovely customers,(seriously they ROCK), on what to expect and how their child and/or relative/s handled this procedure. I am getting the part that each child is different and responds as such with this. I also grasp that because of the age it may or may not make it good or bad for him.

Why then do you torture Mom & Dad & Grandparents with shrouded information and then unsure responses to questions I ask? Oh and why did I have to wait all day to get my info for tomorrow? Do you realize that I looked like an idiot speaking to your rep while a customer came over to say Hello. I had to tell said customer that I was on a personal call and was very sorry. You should have been the one apologizing, not me!

Don't even think about blaming us "Fantabulous" retail workers for anything less than extraordinary customer service. The only other option is to avoid "me" because I am a Happy plague. I smile and latch on like no tomorrow.

OK. One more time for good measure and in case anything goes wrong...Pray for Zachary and think about him tomorrow while you are having your breakfast or lunch. He is totally worth the couple of seconds and I want to stop eating my heart.

We (The Hernandez & Pronovost family) thank you for everything. Once again, please think of Z tomorrow.

Sweet dreams all.

Lyn & Family


  1. I will be praying for Z, you and your family.

  2. i am obviously a million years late on this but we are thinking of you and i hope all is well with the Zster.