Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh my Words!

Do you know what it is I love about my friends? They rock! Well. The ones that actually take the time to see if I'm still breathing that is. Whoops. I said that out loud didn't I? Snort snort!! Look Mom. I made a funny. Yeah. I know. I'll stop now.

So. My friend G, (she is under the blogger protection program)*, sends me an e-mail to make me smile and of course send well wishes to Z-man. We had been talking about words and how they sound. No, I am not making this up. Words. They make funky vibrations in your mouth. They force you to use your tongue. Your brain has to wrap around the thought of certain syllables connecting with vowels, or the lack of either. Holy crap. I am starting to sound smart. I need to hush, or you readers may expect me to be grammatically correct and spell stuff and use punctuation and be serious about writing. Again with the inside joke. Sorry.

Ahem. I know that I have my fellow writers, creator's, and reader's that love the different, bizzare, and sometimes strange stuff we produce, or come in contact with. I love funny sounding words. So does G (She is so funny and wicked smart. She needs to start a blog.) Words..words..words. When we use them in our writing we try so hard to creatively use them in order to not be repetitive I repeat Repetitive. Sniff. Hee hee. The inside jokes again. Repeating. Oh for crying out loud. I'll stop.

All you word lovers will love this Dr. Demento video called Bulbous Bouffant.

If you really want go see the cartoon puppet version done by The Vestibules. Oh, what the hello. I will link you here.

Thank you for playing along. Notice I didn't try to sneak in any really fun wordy words? I am so
inimitable. Ha! Gotcha.

I hope you took a second, or 4 or so minutes to watch the educational video. Laughing hard I may have to pee.

Sweet dreams everyone.


*A completely fictitous, but otherwise amusing agency created from the mushy glob located in my head.


  1. I forgot about you sneaking in your List on YOUR Blog....sorry.

    I did read it though!

  2. You are exempt from my word torture. Your wife (love of your life) will surely excuse me from saying that you are fantabulous. Not spell checking because I know it's wrong. I need some calorie badness.