Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crop Circles

I have been reading about Crop Circles lately. I am fascinated by them and their intricate designs. I don't know if they are real or fake. By which I mean I don't know if they are or were made by Mankind or ET's. I'm still reading about them, and I hope to have a post ready in the near future. I love things that are unexplainable, strange, mysterious, and weird. Come on. Look at these photo's and tell me they are not awesome.

crop circles wiltshire Pictures, Images and Photos

If this is Man made someone out there is extremely talented and has a whole lot of time on their hands. Kudos!

crop circles Pictures, Images and Photos

This one looks like it was photo shopped. So again it would fall under Man made, but with a whole different level of talent seeing as it might have been done with the aid of a computer. But since I am not an expert who am I to judge.

Crop Circles. Pictures, Images and Photos

And then there was this shot. Pure Genius. I found this one several times from different angles. Nicely done.

And last, but not least, we have a salute to crop circles. Hee hee! Sorry Ladies and Gentleman, but I just could not resist.

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Toodles for now.



  1. i've always been intriqued and mystified by them myself, too.

  2. I think crop circles are amazing and beautiful!

    But I believe they are man made. There were those guys back in the 70s or whatever that confessed to doing a lot of them. Very reasonable that others have taken to copycatting.

    But it is kind of fun to imagine that aliens come down to decorate our planet.

  3. We shall see. I am going under cover with said ET's to reveal the truth of the Mysterious Crop Krinkles. I mean Crop Circles. Really. I am looking into them.

    Blaez ...Hugs & kisses...I hope you are getting better. Kiss Kai for me & tell T to take very good care of you or else I'll have to come and do some CT damage on him.

    Karen...I also heard of the guys that faked the circles. I agree that yes it is possible that others copied their work. However, some of the things that I have been looking up are hard to dismiss. See. Now I have to do the post. Just to prove or disprove the myth. I love projects. :)