Saturday, August 1, 2009

Catch of the Day.

Hey there Mr.June Bug. How are you today?
My nieces, nephews, and my son would like for you to play.

They love that you are really big and just a wee bit scary.
You lucky bug you came into the yard where children query.

Your armor is sleek. Your pincers are ready to use
but not for us because
My gentle giant beetle bug, my June bug of which I love,
would never harm a single hair of anyone that would care
to take the time to see that Mr. June Bug loves
nothing more than to be loved...Oh and to not get squished.

Lyn Hernandez


  1. It's funny what comes out of my head after a few drinks. We found the bug while I was grilling. The kids were freaking out. Oh it was hysterical.