Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In "Me"

For those of you who have been following for quite some time you have seen me post Making Fiends on a couple occasions.

Do you know why? It's because Vendetta & Charlotte make up the persona of Ducky, and well I guess that is me in a sense. I am not saying that I am completely evil and hide in the basement making Zombies and Inferi, casting spells and well, making Fiends, but in my head full of imaginary characters yet to be penned I most certainly do (make sense).

As for my Charlotte "das Über-Ich", well as annoying as she is, she is me and I am her. If not for Charlotte I would be one seriously twisted individual. No I do not walk around going Tra-la-la. Nor do animals flock to me as if I were Snow White. I am a very happy-smiley person which grates on peoples nerves for some unknown reason. (Crawl back under the damn rock if you don't like it!) oops...That would be Vendetta trying to shut me up. Tee hee.

OK. So now I am left to wonder if you read into the analogies or read it for the words written. For those of you that read into it don't worry my "das Ich" is as normal as the day was when I awoke this morning. I am, however, thoroughly enjoying using that other part of my brain.

I do not own Making Fiends Amy Winfry and Nickelodian do.
This is a very peculiar web toon with a peculiar title it is cute yet dark and "stars" Charlotte and Vendetta.
Watch them also at www.makingfiends.com


  1. Ha! I love the intro song.

    I love little oddities like this.

    Keep being smiley, Lyn.