Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a Burger.

I wanted to share this because not only was this the best burger I have had in a very long time, but after seeing the photo I was giggling like a silly school girl. Can you see the face of Burger Man? It's sad that I ate him. Poor guy. (Picture him as a pirate it might help.)

Oh, yes. It was so yummy I was in another world while taking each scrumptious bite. I was not alone. We all loved the fabulousness of 5 Guys in Mystic, CT. We are a little sad that they are not close to where we live, but they get 4 1/2 stars from us. They lost 1/2 a star from me, because of pissy attitude. I work retail and smile all day. All I asked for was a stupid soda after my order was placed. You should have seen his face. Oh and I tipped again. (Not necessary, but accepted.) I do highly recommend them if you are in the Mystic area.

1 comment:

  1. that 1 picture made me hungerier than a million starving elephants!