Monday, August 17, 2009

The Strange

Did you ever look at a stranger and wonder what it is that persons life was like? It may seem weird, but this has been happening to me frequently over the past few months. It's random. I could be in line for coffee and someone walks in the door. I am walking through a store, or someone is walking their dog near the park. My mind strays and I get stories going through my head.

It makes me wonder if there is a someone out there who has seen me standing in line waiting for my caffeine jolt, or shopping, and has had the same thing happen.

When I say I get a story I am not talking a quick "Oh. He is a business man" or "look she is a mom." I mean I see the full picture. I am NOT claiming to be a psychic, or a medium. I mean my mind makes up a tale for the person. My imagination seems to be coming out of hibernation.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but stop and think. Have you said hello to someone you swore was another person? Have you called someone only to get a wrong number but it is someone you know? Has anyone approached you thinking you were someone else?

I have been having these weird dopplegangerish (yes I know it's not an actual word but it makes me feel better) things happening. You either believe or you don't. It's all good.

Maybe I am just running into people, places, and things, that I have seen in my youth and am now recalling with extreme vividness that I now want to call it weird or strange, unusual or freaky.

I started to look into this "Stuff" and I am going to post some as I discover and share with you the things that make me wonder if.


  1. Bring on The Strange!

    People actually do this and sometimes I make up wacky little stories about strangers but it's purely for my own laughs (I'm weird).

    Let that imagination out, Lyn!

  2. people watching. when you look at someone else and try to figure out what they are in thier life. i do it too. i make myself laugh outloud sometimes :)