Friday, August 14, 2009


How sad is it that we are almost done with summer? Very. Temperature wise I know that we will see more days of high heat and swim days. Don't close the pool just yet. Keep the swimsuits out for a little longer.

This sucks putrid air from a dumpster at high noon. I just can not believe that Summer is almost over. No I am not jumping the gun. I am counting down the days that I send my baby into full-time Pre-K. Yeah I am a bit freaked out.

We went shopping for his big boy school supplies last week and I have had to wake up to the following since:

Last Week

Tuesday: School time yet?
No Hon. We just got your school things.
It's My Backpack.
Yes, It's your backpack.
It's my Backpack!
(Here is where he tells everyone & anyone it is his backpack)

Thursday: Is it school time yet?
No honey.
Is it Friday yet?
No. It's Thursday.

Friday: Is it Friday yet?
Yes. It's Friday.
Is school time?
No hon.
Why not?
Because school isn't till the end of the month.
Yes. 3 more weeks.
I'm hungry.

Sunday: Is school time yet?
No Zach. Not yet.
A few more weeks.
Oh. Monday then.
No. not Monday.
No Hon. We have to wait.
Hmf. K.

Monday: Is school today?
(Me sighing but holding it back)
Because school starts on Friday.

I could go on and on with his cuteness. Today is actually Friday. He did ask me in that adorable voice of his ,"Is it Friday yet?"

Of course I said Yes. But I told him we had to wait till next Friday because the paperwork was lost. Hah!

Oh. My little Z how I love thee.


  1. "This sucks putrid air from a dumpster at high noon."

    Laughed out loud and scared a few people at home with that line. Haaa!

    Lyn, are there yet? Are we there yet? ;-) Kids!

  2. Agree with Akilah. Great line!

    I can't believe summer is pretty much over. So sad! But it's cute how excited Z is to go to school. He'll have such great experiences.