Monday, August 3, 2009

This and That.

Now that I have decided to go back to school I am hunting. Oh, what fun.

Now what?

My ex-husband shows up at my job. I, in a knee-jerk reaction, hug him and walk off. Ugh! What was I thinking. Please Lord do not let him think that hug was a free-pass into my life.

Financial aid...I see loads of paperwork and stalling and headaches.

Starting another blog but truly speaking what's on my mind. It's not pretty and I get tired of holding it in/back.

What am I going to school for? I have to pick. Focus Lyn!

And then there is this guy that has most recently caught my attention by a single touch. I don't think he knows I exist.

Zona is very sick and I may have to put her in Kitty Heaven. (Don't pick on me here please. It's ripping me up.)

Lots of stuff for me to think about.

Sweet dreams to all.


  1. List your choices and the pros and cons of each.

  2. i want a url to the new blog!!

    thank you for all your warm wishes and your support!! your right, it seems like forever!

  3. congrats on going back to school. good for you. i am trying to save money to go back too. still working on my bachelors. yeah financial aid is a bitch. they cut me off so now i am on my own. yeah i agree, holding in/back is a pain. its not good. sorry about your cat. just do the best you can for her. i have been through a similar situation nearly 2 years ago.

  4. It does sound like there's a lot going on for you these days. I double majored, but could easily have quadrupled because it was so dang hard to narrow it down.