Thursday, August 20, 2009

Z-file:The Zeals

I am going on a trip tomorrow. Me, Z, and family. He is so excited. I always try to give him an incentive if possible before going to sleep. It may not always be grandeur, but he does grasp the concept of which is which.

I say to Z: If we go to bed we will go swimming with your cousins tomorrow.
He responds: OK. (but still plays and runs around)

If I said: Wow Z. You get to go to the Dinosaur Park tomorrow. You need sleep.
He responds: Yeah. OK. (He will actually put himself to bed)

Tonight has me at a loss. It has to be in the DNA code for just certain males in this family. You have to grasp the fact that my Dad loves to fish. He passed that to my brothers and I. Yes. I can fish. Challenge me! I, however, did not get that one stupid genetic thing that makes them want to howl at the moon. My son apparently has the gift and he is four years old.

The Trip we are taking is to an aquarium in CT. We have the entire day filled with Maritime adventures. Of course we are going to end it with food. Yum. That's my favorite part. But wait my little bubby Z had this to say:

Z: There will be zeals?
Me: Yes Seals.

Z: Zeals and Whales?
Me: Yes hun.

Z: There fish there?
Me: Um. Yeah.

Z: I bring fish pole!
Me: No. We don't fish there.

Z: We fish there. I bring pole.
Me: No. We are going to take pictures. OK?

Z: OK.

For those of you who do not know, Z is a bit delayed. I would strike anyone down who even thought to poke fun or make him less than normal. He has made such huge strides this summer in his development. I am a PROUD MOMMA!!!!!!

OK. I will post pictures after our outing.

No fishing poles.

I promise.


  1. Sounds fabulous. Enjoy your trip.

    I'm quite the fisher woman myself.

  2. i love going fishin! and thankfully my man does too :)

    your son is absolutely adorable!!