Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Breathing in Yellow

I remember when I was in 8Th grade, and there was a dance coming up. I wanted to be cool, stylish, you know what I mean. Unfortunately it was the 80's, and I had no sense of style what so ever. I was determined though to make myself stand out. I was not allowed to dress like Madonna, but got an OK for Cindy Lauper. I chose neither.
So Mom takes me shopping to pick out my defining outfit. I choose a very vibrant yellow skirt with a white top. I should probably mention that I had very dark brown hair, almost black. The final result...A Bumblebee!!! Who cares, I had a great time.

Bee on Sunflower-Jupiter Images
Bee on sunflower

I had an idea for something fun to do. This actually is an exercise used in my sons class, but its applicable here if you have an open mind. OK. The idea is to designate a color and write about it in any style you wish. There are no rules except to use your imagination. Just to start things off I will pick the first color, and from there you choose whatever color you want. Hey it might inspire someone else to use the same color. In the Spirit of Easter I pick Yellow.

The sun is casting my shadow onto the Black-eyed Susan's
as I watch the bees and the bugs go to and fro.
Sipping on the best freshly squeezed lemonade,
I smile, and inhale the yellow.

Lyn Hernandez

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