Monday, April 6, 2009

It's raining love...

I love rain. I know that it makes some people tired, sad, or depressed. I, however, love it. The smell, sound, and feel of it makes me think of mud puddles, and worms. It's funny how people associate sunny days as good, yet rainy days are bad. If everyone took a second to stop, and think, I bet there is a memory somewhere of themselves where rain was pleasant, fun, or funny. Did you every get rained on at a picnic, wedding, camping, hiking, church social, scouts, baseball game, football game, birthday party, retirement party...The list goes on. Think about how you felt. Annoyed possibly, maybe mad at the weather forcaster for not being accurate, but that memory is there because of the rain.

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  1. YES Lyn-eeeeeeeeee I DID get rained on at a party!!! Soaked really is the word for it. The wind was crazy, and the lightning and thunder, and people running into your garage for cover...all except Todd who stayed nice and dry! LOL I do so love a good storm also though. I love the rain, the wind, even the thunder and lighning. That day was crazy....but it was also wonderful at the same time. I was annoyed at first, when I started to get wet from the downpour, and then I sorta stepped out of myself. Why get annoyed? Be like a child again....carefree. Rain is cleansing...not just cleansing outside, but inside of you also...your soul. Hanging out in the rain is one of the few times in life that I can feel like I did when I was 10 years old, no worries, no bills, no stress....just the freedom to run around and stomp in the puddles..if I allow myself to just let go for a little while! OK...babbling...gotta go! Love ya!