Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who need's a Gym when I have him.

I came home tonight after a very long day of work not wanting to do anything at all. My head and feet throbbing, I sat down to relax for a second. Anyone with children knows that this is not possible. Especially when you have the under five years of age child running around. So begins my up/down routine. This has got to be the best leg/thigh/butt excercise ever. Here's how it goes:

Sit in computer chair. Turn on computer.
Get up from chair. See what child wants.
(Nothing just checking to make sure I am here.)
Return to chair, sit, start to check e-mail.
Get up from chair. See what child wants again.
(Playmat, and water colors. Cool. That will keep him busy.)
Return to chair, start to sit.
(More paper already?)
Get paper, give to child, return to chair.
Access e-mail, start reading.
"Yes hun?"
Get up from chair. Go to child.
(No need for paper he painted his face yet again.)
Clean child. Remove watercolors. Give child Aquadoodle.
Return to chair. Hold breath, and wait. Ok. Whew!
Continue e-mail check. Ahh. That's better.
"I want playdough."
Get up again. Go straight to the bottle of Motrin. Take two.
Take a deep breath, and continue.

This lovely excercise can go on until:

a. your aching legs, feet, and head give up.
b. your cat/dog enters the room changing the childs focus of attention.
c. your child falls asleep.
d. your aching everything gives up, as the cat/dog runs away with child chasing after it, and the child passes out from the exhausting chase.

My little angel is sleeping. The cat is hiding. The house is quiet. Boy this chair feels comfy. Ok. Time to go back to my e-mail.


  1. Now that is funny!!!! I have heard him calling you a few times when we were on the phone too!! LOLOL

  2. Oops! I was thinking something completely else when I read the title of your piece :-). Anyway: funny writing!

  3. On Saturday I hung out with my three-year-old nephew. I know exactly what you're talking about!

  4. What's funny is my butt cheeks are killing me from all the squating at work and at home.