Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mi familia loco.

I love my family, and friends. We are a close knit, versatile group of nuts. I'm not saying that we are certifiably insane. We are unique, and special in different ways. Our common thread is humor. Some are "witty", others are "pranksters", and many are just down right "silly" (I fall into this category). Of course my family would not be complete with out the "hams".

The title of "The supreme Hamster" goes to my son Z. With a very close 2nd & 3rd by his cousin's T & S (1st initial only for reasons I know you understand). These children can light up any room at any given time. This makes family gatherings very interesting, and totally worth the hours spent by my Mom, Sister-in-law M, Grandma J, and myself organizing. We love to get together. It's time well spent. Most importantly we love to laugh.

Laughter is key in healthy relationships. Not just with your love or partner, but with those you surround yourself with. Who wants to be around a whoa-is-me type of person? I choose to embrace my silliness, and those that are not afraid to do so themselves.

Question:If you were completely deaf but were somehow able to hear for one hour each month, what would you most often want to hear for that hour?

My Answer: My boys saying Mommy or Mom, my name from the mouths of loved ones, laughter, rain, crickets, thunder, and wind chimes.

Sounds_of_Rain_and_Thunder_on_the_River.mp3 - Rosh


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  2. sorry I messed up on the last post...hee hee. Hey I'm tired! LOL Here is what it said:

    well, I must say the sound of laughter rings in my ears at least once a day....definitely. I would want to hear my Mother's voice again. If I could only hear one thing...that is definitely what I would love to hear. Otherwise, I also love the sound of rain and thunder (LOVE the recording you posted!). Another fave sound, is during late spring and summer days, I like to go sit out on my back porch, usually after dinner time, and listen to the wind blow through the leaves, and hear the sounds of the children around the neighborhood playing, my neighbors putting freshly washed dishes in their cupboards, maybe a passing airplane in the sky, cars passing by, people talking. It is so peaceful, and if I shut my eyes.....oh, it's as if I have gone back, just for a moment, to when I was about 10 years old again, hearing the "neighborhood" noises. Very peaceful. Try it one day.

  3. my fiance's voice... the voices of my sisters, brothers and parents... my kitty meowing and my hamsters running in thier wheels... the soft patter of a sunny rainshower...

  4. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who likes the sound of rain. Thank you for the comments.