Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dr. Phyllis

Quick post to shout out to my fellow blogger We are writing together on separate journeys. Why not combine them? It's been discussed. Hey maybe that can be a post for us to work on? OK. Johnny Cash. I write his name, and get goose pimples. After I Posted "Done", I went to another site where I share my thoughts with friends. Some like this site while others run in horror! OK. Back to the subject Lyn. We both posted songs. My song was to express that I will not take it anymore with this nicotine addiction. I'll get to that next post. She, however, sent me a gem. I love her for this. Take a moment to listen to the words. Genius.

Gods Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash


  1. yes...that is one of my favorite songs. I think it is a good motto on how to live your life also...caue sooner or later God's gonna cut you down. Hey I also think Doctor Phyllis is wonderful!!! LOLOL

  2. Ahh..I had to listen to this again 4/24/09. May have to use this as a re-post soon