Thursday, April 16, 2009

Salute to a Grandfather.

Photo by ridersinblack1970's-Wilkes County NC

Today I was given the gift of remembrance through the eyes of a total stranger. Our conversation was brief, but profound. I was extremely moved by his pride and passion in recalling a single occassion. All this from one very old photograph held within a book. There is more to the story, but I wanted to share this with you. Always take the time to listen to others. Don't fiegn attention. Truly listen. Not only will you have gained knowledge of something you may not have known, but you may also have helped to heal a soul. ~~Lyn Hernandez Thirty-Something Bloggers

I met this gentleman this morning while at work. He was coming to the front with a Coffee Table book. Of course I smiled at him, and commented on the books size. Instead of the usual chuckle, or on rare occasions silence, I was met by the biggest smile imaginable. He at once told me that his Grandfathers photo was in the book. Not once, but twice. So we turned to I think the 3rd page in, and there is this enlarged photo from the Civil War. At once he points to his Grandfather and says "That's him. That's him. Do you see that sword? It's been in my family for ages."

I learned so much in so little time with him, and was deeply touched by our conversation that I couldn't stop thinking about him tonight. His family still has the sword, but they lost the War Flag that was given to the family in honor of his Grandfathers Regiment.(Did I mention he was a Major for the 69th Regiment?) It's not actually lost in the sense that they can't find it, because they know where it is. It is now in a place that they cannot recover it legally. It's sad, but he said he is ok with it now.

I was going to post links for this but there were too many. I suggest Googling Cival War 69th Regiment, and go from there.

You know what's stranger than me learning this much in so little time? I never got his name.


  1. isnt that the way. you are left with a golden prize... and the longinig for a name :)

  2. that is really beautiful....such a wonderful gift you gave him also...just by listening...showed him that his story was important to someone.