Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The taste of my size 8 shoes.

Ok. So I wear a size 8 shoe. How does it taste? Horrible! Too leathery. I bet your wondering what brought up that piece of useless information. Well, you see I had an unexpected day off today so I decided to play around in some of the sites I belong to. I had joined Thirty Something Bloggers, and figured I would go add discussions, update my profile, ummm start a blog. I obviously was not paying attention. I went to my page, saw the blog tab and clicked. Thus began my embarassing moment of "Open Mouth Insert Foot."

Before I proceed I do need to let you know that I was clicking on discussions, making comments, and generally looking around. The site appeared to be inactive due to my appearing on the latest updates here and there. And no recent updates or replies on others. Back to the point.

So I say to myself, "Cool. I can blog on my page, and noone will ever read it except perhaps Phyllis."(She is a member too.) Boy was I absolutely 100% wrong. I wrote my little blog. Had a good giggle. Hit publish, and walked away to switch loads of laundry. I come back to the computer. Hit Main page tab. At the very top of the page, front and center, reads "Where is everybody?-posted by Lyn Hernandez" with the date & time! Oh dear Lord find me a rock to hide under.

Ladies and gentleman. Here is the post that cost Lyn her dignity for the day!!!

I find this wonderful site where I can share thoughts, and have discussions and I feel like I stepped into the pages of Desperation- Stephen King. Nobody around, but I feel like I am being watched. Everyone listening, but afraid to sound out for fear, or other reasons unknown. Oh look~~~*~~~*~~~Tumble weed just blew by. Well, if I can't find anyone I'll just write back and forth to myself. Might make for an interesting piece on my other blog. Man I want a cigarette. Too bad I quit. Ah well. I think I'll go find a blog to read. Carpe Diem.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find some ketchup to finish eating my shoes!

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