Sunday, April 26, 2009

I had a very long day. I am tired. Drained physically, mentally, and emotionally. Too many things happened over the course of the day. I received news early this morning that a former co-worker of mine had been fatally stabbed the previous night. It was a sad, and senseless act of violence. This scares me. I have lost several friends over the past couple of years. All of them had passed before their time. Most were due to heart attacks. The youngest was 38 years old, and the oldest 51. Each person made their mark in life, and touched my heart.

This recent loss forced the emotions from the past back to the surface. I miss my friends Twisted, Chenzo, and Spud. How many people can actually say that they had a friend named Twisted? He had a real name, but no one used it. He was just "Twisted."

I wrote him a poem the day after his death not knowing that I would lose Chenzo two weeks later. I want to share with you the poem. This is in remembrance of my fallen brothers.

My Friend

I don't want to see you go my friend.
I know you are safe, and well.
Still, I don't want to see you go.

I can hear you laughing,
and poking fun at all.
I can hear you asking,
about the tears that fall.

"They are for you," I tell you,
and see your questioning look.
"You've passed my friend, but its OK.
God has you in his book."

"The Angels came to get you,
and guide you on your way.
They knew that you'd not want to go,
but fight so you could stay."

"Please know that you'll be remembered.
We all hold you in our hearts.
We will jest, poke fun, and laugh for you,
because we know that's what you'd want."

"So go in peace and embrace the Lord,
He is waiting with open arms.
You've now become the guardian
of us friends that may be in harm."

I still don't want to see you go,
but I know I have to release.
My friend you left your mark
upon your friends now go in peace.

Lyn Hernandez 2/16/08

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