Monday, June 29, 2009

7 days...

Seven days to 38. I am so excited. To me it's my New Year. My year of re-birth, hope, and renewal of My-Self.

On this day I want to say how grateful I am to be alive. No I am not pulling a Drama Queen on you. Seriously. Think about it. You only hear about the famous or infamous passing. Well Crap. I had two buddies of mine pass within two weeks of each other and the oldest was 49. If you want to shudder the other was 38.

Does this mean I am going to watch my step? No. I am going to be living my life. I don't think I'd be giving my sons any service by becoming "Bubble Mom".

This year I think I will:

Be more silly than normal.

Hug my family, (even those that hate contact).

Start the reading circle I wanted to but haven't yet.

Forgive those that have been on my go-away list.

Find at least one new friend.

I have more, but I have 6 more days to add to my list.

Love to all. Sweet dreams.


  1. I personally like having a birthday much celebrating to do

  2. Very good list. I always look forward to my birthday, even though people tell me I'm too old to be as into it as I am.

  3. u got a friend in me :)

    sorry i ca't make the blankie for you, but give me some time to catch up on my projects and i might be able to...

    sending u tons of birthday hugs!

  4. Hi Karen. I was told I was too old too. I said bite me!

    Blaez its ok. I'm making kitty quilts from the old blankets. Thank you for the b-day squeezums.